There’s A Secret Government Pyramid In North Dakota (14 Pics)

By September 30, 2016 Other

If you take the time to look at this pyramid it comes off as something you would find in some sort of science fiction movie. Strangely though it is actually real and is located in North Dakota, in the middle of nowhere.

This intensely weird looking structure is part of the Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex in Cavalier County, North Dakota. It is a used as a military building and is something that most people never even get the chance to see it. Some of these photographs were taken by a photographer named Benjamin Halpern and are from the Library of Congress. These photos show the enormous structure that has served as the site’s missile control building, this meaning that whatever has been or still is going on inside is something very top secret.

This facility served as the first United States operational ABM (anti-ballistic missile) defense system. It was put into operation back in the early 1970s in order to defend missiles based at Grand Forks Air Force Base. This was all in the event that a nuclear ICBM attack by the Soviet Union or China were to happen.

This complex had its own self-sustaining water supply system that is still fully operational. However, the buildings function as a missile defense base has been over since 1976. It is one of the most unique looking structures and resembles the Mayan pyramids in many ways. This compound cost around $500 million dollars to construct. It’s circular ‘eyes’ were actually radar scanners that were used to scan the horizon for inbound missiles. It is said to be now abandoned.

It is named after Lt. General Stanley Raymond Mickelsen who was a former commanding general in the United States Army’s Air Defense Command. He was a recognized leader who brought the Army’s air defense from the era of guns into the age of missiles. It is also said that the complex itself was only fully operational for less than 24 hours while it was not shut down for quite some time. It is said that since it has been deactivated there have been over 100 underground missiles removed from the site and that the pyramid itself has been sealed. The property in which this pyramid is on consists of little over 400 acres of land and is occasionally open for visitors. It contains a gym, community center, chapel, and other things of that nature.

The above ground part of the pyramid you see is actually only the very tip of this interesting building. Inside the structure is so huge and cavernous that there are many passages and hallways that are able to generate their own fog. This structure being built from extremely thick concrete is said to be able to endure the very harsh North Dakota winters and is quite likely to stand the test of time.

While I would love to know much more about this interesting structure there is little available information on it since its closure. Of course, this means there are quite a few conspiracy theories based around it. It even is considered to look eerily similar to the unfinished pyramid on the Great Seal of the United States. Something that is considered to be secretly linked with the Illuminati. These photographs are truly astounding.


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