While many people have heard of indigo children, not many people realize how many different types there are. Not all indigos are the same.

While you might have heard that indigos only came into this world during a specific time frame but that is not necessarily completely true. There are still indigos coming into the world even now. Some indigos are older and some are younger, and this is just how things are.

Below I am going to go over the different indigo generations and what their differences are. Just because the stereotypical definition of an indigo doesn’t fit you doesn’t mean you aren’t an indigo. If you resonate with the word itself and feel drawn to it you are most likely just a different kind of indigo. Once again, not all indigos are the same.

7 ‘Generations’ of Indigos:

1. The Intuitive Indigos

These indigos are the ones that came before all others. They are mostly quite old at this point but they also know so much. Their intuition has guided them to where they are now and they are far stronger than most. They are naturally very intuitive inclined even now in this world of logical thinking.

2. The Wise Ones

This generation came a little while after the original wave and some were actually reincarnations of the last generation. As we incarnate time and time again we become much wiser. This generation is much older than it seems, they might seem young-ish but their soul is not.

3. The Rebels

Some indigos are a lot more rebellious than the rest. They refuse to participate in the systems that are in place because they do not serve the people. They are people who value trust and do not give it easily. They do not worry about the consequences of the things they do as long as they are doing good the repercussions are never too much for them to face.

4. Those Who Seek Truth

Some indigos are much more truth-oriented than the rest. They set out on a journey to find the truth and refuse to stop. You cannot hold them back and this is what sets them apart from the rest, most indigos are too worried about what other people think, the truth-seeking indigo generation has already overcome that part.

5. Creative Creatures

Let’s face it, some of us are just more creative than others. Indigos are usually pretty creative but some more-so than others. Even when the indigo has a creative mind sometimes he or she will struggle to put that creativity to work. When it comes to indigos of this generation making that creativity come to life is actually fairly easy.

6. Electric Indigos

This is one of the newest generations of indigos and they are a bit confusing, to be honest. They have an energy that a lot of people do not. They tend to feel things on a deeper level than other indigos. Chances are, they notice lights blowing and other peculiar things quite often.

7. The Warriors

This is the most recent wave of indigos and they are much more ready to fight than the other generations have been. They were brought here to help us transition into the age of intuition. They are aggressive and very passionate. You will not find them sitting behind and letting things go, they work hard to end up where they do.

Image via Rise Earth

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