There are many different levels of consciousness, that much is obvious. However, most people do not get past the first 6. Where does your consciousness lie?

When it comes to breaking down the levels of consciousness, I like to do it in a way that everyone can understand. You see, we all see things in different ways, some of us see the world as it is and others see the world as they want it to be if that makes sense. While usually we would get a bit mad and storm off in regards to differences like this but that is not the answer. You can’t help anyone become their most authentic self by running from them simply because they are or are not on the same level of consciousness as you are. No one is any better than the others, we are all equal.

Being more aware is not a weakness, so do not treat it as such. Please feel free to take a look below and gain a better understanding of the different levels or stages of consciousness as I have come to know them. Where are you?

The 6 Stages of Consciousness:

Stage 1: Our Birth Stage

This is what we call reality usually from the time we are born until we are about to head into high school. It is what we think the world is. When we are at this stage we are naive and immature, we know absolutely nothing about anything in this world but we pretend to.

Stage 2: Growth

Now, once we have gotten past the birth stage things will begin to come into perspective but only on a small scale. You will receive bits and pieces of outside life but you won’t understand it. Everything those around you are going through pail in comparison to the things you believe you are going through.

Stage 3: Mistakes and Forgiveness

Now, this is when everything is sort of beginning to make sense. By the time you get to this point your heart will be hurting a lot. That pain will help you get through this. Learning from your mistakes is important and forgiveness is not something we can go without. Forgive those who hurt you but never forget the lessons you learned from those people.

Stage 4: Self-Respect

This stage of consciousness is a bit conflicting. It is the stage where you begin to truly feel yourself. You are working from within and focusing on self-care. Not many people realize this step is so important when becoming who you want to be or who you were meant to be.

Stage 5: Realization

At this point, you have discovered your purpose and are trying to decide where to go from here. Nothing makes you happy anymore and you are conflicted, to say the least. No one knows what you should do but you, make this one count.

Stage 6: Moving On

Once you have reached this point you now that in life and spirituality, in general, we never stop learning and growing. You have managed to meditate through all of this and find what might be for you, your highest self. This is a marvelous thing.


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