We all have an intuition. While yours might be different from that of someone else, it is still quite present whether you notice it or not.

Our intuition is our ‘gut feeling,’ this can come in many forms and is different for everyone. For some, their intuition is a strong feeling and for others, it could be almost as if a literal voice in the back of their mind. When it comes to making good decisions and moving through life properly, we rely on our intuition a lot.

Now, there are quite a few different kinds of intuition and for some, this is where they get confused. You might think intuition is one thing only to realize that for you it is completely different. Below I am going to go over some of the different kinds of intuition and what those differences entail. This should help you learn a lot about yourself and how your intuition works for you. Just about everyone will be able to identify with one of these types of intuition.

6 Types Of Intuition:

1. Observant Intuition

People with this kind of intuition tend to pick up more on visual cues. Any small difference is something they will notice right off the bat. If something is missing they might not realize what it for a moment but they will feel as if there is something out of place. They are much more in tune with body language and other things of the sort.

2. Questioning Intuition

People with this kind of intuition tend to go straight to the source. They make all their assumptions based off of answers they get when they survey others. They are more so inclined to look at things from a one on one viewpoint instead of an overall viewpoint.

3. Unexpressed Intuition

Many of us have this type of intuition, as it is the type of intuition that we ignore and regret lately.  If you ignore your intuition repeatedly it will end up being not so effective. For these people, they have an intuition but it is much quieter than it should be.

4. Adaptive Intuition

People with this kind of intuition, for the most part, are those with the intense gut feeling. They get this nervousness in the pit of their stomach and it tells them something is wrong. It is in a sense a kind of warning for them and can mean a wide range of things.

5. Analytical Intuition

People with this kind of intuition tend to do a lot of research before making their decisions. They explore all their options and pay attention to detail. You won’t find people with this kind of intuition being impulsive at all.

6. Empathetic Intuition

People with this kind of intuition are usually the people everyone comes to with their problems. They look at things on a more emotional level than most others and are able to make decisions from there. They are sometimes a bit confused but even things out in the end.

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