The United Nations Just Made A Major Announcement On The Dakota Access Pipeline

By October 30, 2016 Video

Victoria Tauli-Corpus, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples issued a press release in September in defense of the Sioux Tribe. This was completely ignored.

Tauli-Corpus stated that:

“The tribe was being denied access to information and excluded from consultations at the planning stages of the project and environmental assessments failed to disclose the presence and proximity of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.”

“I urge the United States Government to review of its compliance with international standards regarding the obligation to consult with indigenous people and obtain their free and informed consent. The statutory framework should be amended to include provisions to that effect and it is important that the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Advisory Council on Historic Preservation participate in the review of legislation.”

She said that the United States should be defending those who are protesting the construction. Which is the exact opposite of what the United States is doing currently, she says the US Government should protect the right to freedom of peaceful assembly. As I am sure you have read already just a day or so ago many peaceful protesters were arrested and even attacked by heavily armed police who were dressed in riot gear.

Officers were allowed to deploy likely ear damaging sonic cannons and mace people repeatedly. The most being five times according to those who were there. These peaceful protesters have had it rough from the beginning.

The interest of these UN Rapporteurs could possible cause the UN to take a greater interest in the developing human rights situation here in the United States, but I won’t hold my breath.

It appears the United States is going to continue stepping on our freedoms and rights no matter what any other country or group has to say. Corruption is running deeper than ever.

UN intervention might just be the only hope we have left to stop DAPL.

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