Chances are you probably didn’t know there are millions of people starving in Yemen. While world hunger is something we all hear about occasionally it is not something many people take the time to look into or really gain a better understanding of.

Just last month the UN warned that millions more civilians in Yemen are expected to literally starve to death before the end of the year because of a blockade that has been imposed on the country by the Saudi Arabia-led coalition. This is something that a lot of people are completely unaware of even now. Basically, the Saudis’ are trying to do away with the Houthi-led resistance movement and in that have turned Yemen itself into easily the world’s worst humanitarian crisis since 2015. Since 2017, famine has been threatening everyone there. It has killed far too many and still, more are dying.

The aid chief for the UN during that particular briefing urged the Saudi-led military coalition that controls Yemen’s ports to expedite imports of food and fuel supplied to help prevent the around 10 million more deaths from happening this year. You see according to Reuters the Yemeni government backed by Riyadh’s coalition which is armed and supplied by the US and Britain has battled the Houthi fighters aligned to Iran. Tons of people are currently starving and many are on the brink of death, something needs to change. Yemen relies on imports for about 90 percent of their food. Without imports, they are not able to feed most of their population.

Even beyond that, it seems for some reason coalition are targeting their food producing areas this while some claim could give them the upper hand on the Houthi but is also damning the civilians. Not long ago a mango farm was bombed killing those present and ruining the food that could have continued to grow there. The Yemeni people are falling through the cracks and control is all that matters to those behind this war.

During the briefing Mark Lowcock UN emergency relief coordinator said as follows:

“I am particularly concerned about the recent decline of commercial food imports through the Red Sea ports.”

“I can on the Government of Yemen with the support of the Coalition, to take active steps to boost commercial imports of food, fuel, and humanitarian supplies through all Yemen’s ports.”

You see according to Lowcock currently violations are being made by Houthis in regards to the humanitarian staff they are “being detained intimidated and visas are being delayed and denied. Programs and missions are being interfered with in ways which contradict humanitarian principles.” Just recently a Houthi missile struck a Turkish vessel that was carrying wheat to Yemen this month. Even supplies needed to combat the deadly water-borne disease they are facing are being considered prohibited.

There is so much going on in this world we are not being told and spreading awareness is important. What do you think about all of this and how do you think it needs to be resolved? These people need to be fed and something has to be done.

Image via Mint Press News

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