Sometimes the truth is a lot harder to accept than we want it to be. Sure, we might feel something for someone but we cannot force them to feel anything for us.

For some reason, we tend to get caught up in people who aren’t that into us. We fall head over heels in love and yet they won’t even reply to our text messages in a timely manner. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why would we rather cling to the ‘they’re just busy’ idea when we know it only takes a couple seconds to reply to a text. If someone really wants to reply they will, ‘too busy’ isn’t a proper excuse for anyone.

We become far too invested in those who won’t even put a label on our relationship. How can we be so blind? If someone is always leading you on, referring to their exes, doesn’t put forth an effort, and refuses to open up they aren’t interested in you in the ways you are interested in them. This should be something we all see clearly but, we don’t.

That guy, the one that only messages or calls when he wants to hook up? He is NOT your soulmate. Someone who is meant to be with you won’t reduce you to a booty call. Someone who is meant to be with you will be there for you in all the ways you need him or her to. When someone keeps blowing you off or only comes around when they need something from you it isn’t love.

You are convenient for this person and he or she thinks it is okay to use you. It is NOT okay, you deserve so much better. The truth is, all the people you think you are interested in and could build a life with aren’t going to be who you want them to be and as humans, we are really good at deception. People will use you for as long as you allow them to and your infatuation for them just gives them that much more time.

Block them online, delete their numbers, find someone new and move on. Love is never easy but it shouldn’t be tearing you apart. Stop being a doormat for someone who just isn’t that into you. Find someone that treats you the way you want to be treated and give them everything that those other people didn’t deserve.

We are only victims if we allow ourselves to be. You can cut free from the ties of all of those toxic people if you really want to. You can move forward in all the best ways if you make the effort. Do not forget how strong you truly are. Sometimes things just don’t turn out how we wish they would and even if it is hard to accept, it is something we must all accept.

Stop wasting your time, get up off of your feet, and move on. There is so much out in this world you have not seen yet and whether there is someone by your side or not you should get out and see it. Life doesn’t pause just because we’re waiting for someone to like us back or give us the time of day. You can never get the time you have wasted back, don’t waste any more of it.

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