Do you experience problems when you try to meditate? If so, chances are you are going about meditation, in general, all wrong.

Alan Watts, as you may have know, is someone we could all learn so much from. Even now, long after his death, his words continue to move people.  I am shocked that no one showed this to me sooner!

When we begin trying to meditate, most of us fall short because we focus too much. The trick is you shouldn’t be focusing on anything at all. Don’t focus on your breathing, don’t focus on your mantras, and don’t focus on your thoughts. Literally, do not focus at all, let your mind do all of the work.

When we waste our time focusing on these things we end up ‘doing’ something when we are supposed to be doing nothing at all. Meditation is supposed to work all on its own without you pushing it along. If you are sitting there wondering whether or not you are doing it right, then you have it all wrong. It is not an act of ‘doing’ at all. Watts knew this all too well and tried to share his wisdom with the world.

He says that we must close our eyes and really stop letting our mind judge the sounds and so forth that are coming into our lives. The experience guides itself, you do not guide the experience. You must express the present moment without judgment. Over time, the outside world will come together with your inside world.

You will, of course, have thoughts come up, just let them happen. Observe your thoughts and let them go. Do not try to control your thoughts or even prevent them from happening.

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