While it may not be an easy fact to accept, we can’t be good at everything. In fact, each of us truly SUCK at something that we face, and our zodiac sign can provide us with quite a bit of insight regarding that.

So what do you suck at? Look below to find out…


You really suck at opening up. You are quick to help others and always working hard but when someone wants to get to know you, you freeze. You refuse to let anyone get close to you and it really sets you up for failure in the long run.


You suck at compromising and making changes. You act like your shit doesn’t stink and you refuse to hear anyone else out. You are in control of your life, yes, but you shouldn’t be pushing your views on other people. If you are affecting someone else they need to be taken into consideration as well.


You suck at being a good friend. Sure, you have friends and they think you’re great, but you’re really not a good friend at all. You take advantage of people and ghost them whenever you feel like it. This is not acceptable and you need to work on it.


You really suck at being your own person. You literally take on parts of the people you spend the most time with. Anyone in your life can control you if they give you the time of day. You are too bland and need to really figure out who you are and where your boundaries lie.


You really suck at not being an asshole. You come off as kind but really you’re pretty damn stuck up. You act like you are better than everyone else and you tend to put those around you down more often than not.


You suck at being yourself. You don’t know who you are or where you need to go from here. You don’t make any kind of real efforts to get things done and it really shows that you have no motivation. If you could find yourself you could accomplish a lot.


You suck at expressing your feelings. You bottle them up until you’re ready to explode. This is not healthy at all.


You really suck at asking for help. Letting yourself become overwhelmed is not the answer. If you need help ask for it. Don’t wait around for something to happen that will never happen.


You really suck at staying faithful. For some reason, your heart strays too much. You need to figure out why you do this and how to fix it. You’re also kind of a douche to the people who care about you the most and that in itself makes you suck a lot more.


You really suck at not being jealous. Jealousy tends to eat you alive and it is not a good look. The more you give in the worse things will become. Don’t become a snake, instead, work through this.


You really suck at getting your point across. You tend to be too much of a smart ass. The more you keep going on the less your point will matter. Stop trying to make everyone else feel inferior.


You really suck at socializing. Sure, you are a good speaker and have a lot to say but you let your anxiety get the best of you most of the time. You need to find your voice and work something out. The world is your oyster.

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