Chances are you’ve seen the movie The Conjuring, but have you ever looked into the real-life events that inspired it? Yes, that movies is based on things that actually happen and the story behind those events is much more terrifying.

The Perron family believes without a doubt that they were haunted by something or multiple somethings in their house and they really did get in touch with Ed and Lorraine Warren. When they moved into their new house, The Conjuring house, they were even told by neighbors to leave the lights on at night for their families sake.

Lorraine Warren (Ed passed in 2006) was actually a consultant on the film and is still currently a paranormal investigator. She insists quite passionately that even some of the most intense and shocking moments of the film truly did happen and that some of them she experienced firsthand. She says that the things she faced there still affect her even now.

The Perron family suffered for nine years (a lot longer than the movie suggests) and had moved into their ’14-bedroom home in Rhode Island’ back in 1971. According to many accounts of the Perron family sharing their story the first few nights, nothing too interesting happened. As time would go on they began noticing small signs and the children had noted being ‘tucked into bed and kissed on the forehead’ each night by ‘someone.’ Brooms would go missing and they would hear peculiar sounds but nothing too serious, just yet.

The daughters, Nancy, Christine, Andrea, Cindy, and April had thought that it seemed all the spirits present were seemingly harmless. Their lives went about as normal and the spirits did their own things while the family was present. Everything was fine until they came across Bathsheba.

Bathsheba was the evil spirit within the house (perhaps one of many who knows) and was thought to be a ‘real-life satanist’ or at least thought to be. She had lived in the farmhouse back in the mid-1800s and according to Andrea Perron (as explained in the Mirror), Bathsheba perceived herself to be the mistress of the house. This spirit completely resented the mother of the house and that somewhat explains why she did get a lot of the more violent aspects of this whole ordeal.

Bathsheba was a very real person, you can actually even visit her grave. Her name was Bathsheba Thayer Sherman and she is buried at Harrisville Cemetery in Rhode Island. I know, shocking isn’t it? While the movie does go over Ed performing an exorcism, that part Lorraine says isn’t so true. According to The Mirror, she says that her husband would never perform one as it has to be done by a Catholic priest and that they did not undertake any exorcisms or seances. That being said, one of the daughters says that a seance did occur so this is where things get a bit fuzzy.

To hear the real story behind The Conjuring please listen to/watch the video below. It is quite interesting and will really take you on a ride you might not have been expecting. Did you know The Conjuring was based on real events?

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