The Swastika has long been seen as a symbol of hate, but it wasn’t always meant to be that way. The true meaning of the Swastika might actually surprise you!

The name Swastika comes from Sanskrit ‘svastika’ and has been used throughout many different cultures. It means ‘well-being’ or ‘good fortune.’It is a sacred symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. You might actually see it if you visit some of the temples in India or Indonesia. This symbol for many many years has been seen as a symbol of good luck and holds significance for a lot of people.

This symbol was stolen by Hitler and used to as a vivid symbol to really push ‘racial purity’ and the rawest form of hate and violence. For the Jewish, the Swastika was and is a symbol of fear, extermination, and violation. It is something they will never be able to forget and a symbol that will be burned into their minds regardless of how warped Hitler’s version is.

The Swastika was a symbol of peace and love that Hitler abused and ruined. There is no redemption for the symbol as the damage has been done and far too much hell is associated with it now. While there is more to the Swastika than we tend to realize, the horror that it was used to encourage is something we also do not need to forget.

Peter Madsen told BBC as follows in regards to the symbol itself:

“We just want people to know that the swastika comes in many other forms, none of which have ever been used for anything bad. We are also trying to show the right-wing fascists that it’s wrong to use this symbol. If we can educate the public about the true meanings of the swastika, maybe we can take it away from the fascists.”

“For the people who went through the Holocaust, we will always remember what the swastika was like in our life – a symbol of pure evil,”

“We didn’t know how the symbol dates back so many thousands of years ago. But I think it’s interesting for people to learn that the swastika was not always the symbol of fascism.”

For more information on this please feel free to check out the video below. There is so much more to it than you might think. The Swastika was not always a symbol of evil. At one point, it was a symbol we could have all stood behind.

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