Whether you believe in astrology or not, most people will not argue that the full moon brings some crazy energy to our lives. How many times have you witnessed something completely ridiculous and simply responded with ‘there must be a full moon tonight’?

During this time of the lunar calendar, we see reports of more physical violence, traffic accidents, homicides, hospital visit (both for psychiatric reasons and for making stupid decisions leading to injuries), tempers flaring, etc.

Don’t believe that this is a commonly accepted belief? One study, focusing on college students, found that 45% believed that humans are actually prone to engaging in more unusual behaviors during what they call the ‘moonstruck’ phase, while other studies have found that those working in the field of mental health show a higher percentage believing in this phenomenon than those outside of their line of work.

The believe dates back to the times of the ancient Greece and Romans when the goddess Luna was said to be the Roman goddess of the moon. Philosophers at the time believed that the shift in behavior was actually caused by the same energy that caused the tide to move, as the brain was the organ in the body containing the highest water content. Some still believe in the water theory, as we now have a better understanding of the movement of the tides and their relation to gravitational pull, however, others have shifted this belief to the ‘energy’ associated with the moon, lumping this phenomenon in the same category as the zodiac signs and the movement of the planets. Regardless of the cause, a large number of Americans still believe in the impact of the full moon.

The energy of the full moon has largely been associated with an increased intensity of the emotions that we are feeling. This is the reason that many believe that we see a spike in violent behaviors, as feelings of rage, frustration, and jealousy hit an all-time high. When these emotions are magnified, they can push people to lash out or act in a way that they wouldn’t have otherwise entertained. Not only can this impact your closest, romantic relationships, but the energy of the full moon has the ability to impact every level of relationship in your life from your interactions with acquaintances right up to the family members at home.

When you are interacting with others during the full moon, you need to be aware not only of how it will impact your own thoughts and emotions but also in how it may alter the thoughts, actions, and behaviors of those around you. Otherwise calm and peaceful individuals may be set off easier, and minor annoyances may be quickly magnified into significant arguments. Try to be patient and remind yourself that while you feel your own tempers flaring, they too are dealing with intensified emotions and may not be aware that this is happening. Before taking anything personally, take a moment to ask yourself whether this would be their normal behavior pattern, or if it appears to be out of line with what you would expect from this individual on a regular basis.

The energy of the moon may be intensifying your emotions, but what many don’t acknowledge is that it will intensify ALL emotions, depending on what you are feeling at the time. If you take the time to let go of the negativity and anger leading up to this time, then you can actually harness this power in a positive way. Allow the full moon to build up your feelings of love, compassion, and positive intention. This requires focus on mindfulness and will take practice, but the benefits far outweigh the effort required.

If you do feel an argument starting, especially with someone that is going to continue to hold a role in your life after this period has passed, consider doing what you can to pacify the situation long enough for the energy to pass. This may mean putting off some more serious conversations with friends, family and romantic partners for a better time. This doesn’t mean you have to let go of concerns that you want to be addressed, you just need to be mindful about when they are brought up in discussion if you want to increase the chances of a positive outcome for all involved.

When you are at work, keep in mind that your co-workers are all at an all-time emotional high. Stress and anxiety will often rip through a workplace in the days surrounding the full moon. In order to create a happier workplace, try to do your best to relieve stress where possible. This begins with managing your own stress and anxiety levels, which can effectively be done in the workplace, should you feel yourself struggling, with the use of breathing exercises. This is not the time to start important conversations such as asking for a raise or promotion if you are hoping for a positive outcome Instead, focus on doing your best work, and maintaining a calm and even demeanor despite the possibility of a tense atmosphere.

The impact of the full moon is short lived. If you take the time and forethought to make the necessary concessions to alleviate your own struggles and keep the peace with those around you until our energies return to a more normal state, you will benefit long-term. Just breathe!

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