While we may fool ourselves into thinking that strong women can handle it all, oftentimes they are the most emotionally drained people on this planet. They give far more than they should, and they allow their hearts to become too invested in the people around them.

They take on a lot more stress and pain than most and in the end, it really shows. You might not see it often but when they allow their vulnerable side to show it is far more prominent than anything else.

Below I am going to go over some of the reasons why the strongest women tend to become emotionally exhausted. While they think they are doing the right thing by others, they are neglecting themselves. Emotional exhaustion is never anything a person wants to face. If someone in your life is dealing with this they deserve some credit and a break, because life can be rough.

8 Reasons Why The Strongest Women Tend To Be Emotionally Exhausted:

1. They never share their problems with anyone.

Strong women don’t like to share their problems. For some reason, they tend to want to do things all on their own and it sometimes leaves them feeling quite overwhelmed. Sometimes we all need a person to lean on and talk to and they just don’t usually have that.

2. They give way more than they should.

Strong women tend to give much more than they should. They never ask for anything in return and it brings them down big time. When it comes to giving more than you’re gaining, eventually your ship is going to sink and you will end up exhausted.

3. They never ask for help or take it when it’s offered.

Strong women don’t usually ask for help. They think that asking for help is showing weakness and because of this, it really holds them back. They are eager to help others but when they are in need nothing ever comes of it.

4. They worry too much over upcoming events.

Strong women tend to obsess over the things that are coming their way. While they might not show it they put a lot of emotion into the things they are getting done. If something is not going as planned it takes a lot out of them.

5. They let a lot of selfish people into their inner circle.

Strong women sometimes find themselves giving far more than they should to the kinds of people who only wish to use them. When they are surrounded by selfish people they tend to feel extremely vulnerable. As time passes the more that is taken out of them the more emotionally exhausted they become.

6. They don’t know how to show their weak side.

Strong women don’t know how to show their weak side to others. They like to pretend that they are always strong and so when it comes to making their vulnerabilities known they avoid doing so at all costs. They do not want anyone to think less of them and just let the stress build and build.

7. They never give themselves a break.

Strong women don’t realize how important it is that they take breaks. They just see things as being productive and not being productive. They put their all into everything that they do and it leaves them quite out of place.

8. They put their own needs last.

Strong women don’t usually think about their own needs. They put everyone else in front of themselves and usually forget to take care of themselves. This can really take a serious toll on them.

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