When we consider the aches and pains that we feel on a daily basis, we largely focus on the physical signs and symptoms that we are experiencing. Seeking a physical and tangible explanation, we associate our ailments with physical injuries and ailments. For example, if we are feeling pain in our back the first assumption is likely that this pain is caused by a pulled muscle, a slipped disc, or an injury from turning or bending in the wrong way.

This way of thinking, however, fails to address the fact that all pain is connected. Chronic pain is said to be caused by a combination of body, mind, and soul. This is due to the fact that everything that we experience here on the physical plane is a manifestation of something that is occurring on the metaphysical plane, influenced by the energies of our emotional, mental and spiritual beings. When we are feeling pain, the solution is often not as easy as taking a pill in order to achieve a long-term solution. Instead, we need to educate ourselves on the deeper energy within our bodies, discovering the underlying reason. If we don’t address the underlying cause, any attempts to treat the pain will be temporary at best.

“Studies have shown that chronic pain might not only be caused by physical injury but also by stress and emotional issues,” explains Dr. Susan Babel, a psychologist who has spent her career specializing in trauma-induced depression. “Often, physical pain functions to warn a person that there is still emotional work to be done.”

Learn to recognize these spiritual meanings behind some of our more common aches and pains:



The top of your head is the point of connection with the Universe. It is through the top of your head that you are able to send and receive these higher energies. For this reason, ailments relating to your head and/or brain will often reveal a great deal about your spiritual well-being.

If you notice that your scalp is becoming irritated, or dried out, this may indicate that you are struggling with issues surrounding higher truths. For example, you may be struggling to understand where you stand in relation to religion and religious beliefs, questioning the beliefs that you once held to be true. Take the time to meditate on your religious values, reassessing what you hold to be true. The sooner that you can feel comfortable and confident with your own values, morals, and beliefs, the sooner you will feel relief from scalp irritation.

If you regularly experience headaches, migraines or pains/ailments relating to the brain, this often means that we are struggling to process ailments relating to our ability to process information. You may have just received a major or life-altering piece of information that you are struggling to process and accept. Remember that this is normal and remain patient with yourself. Allow yourself to slowly work through this information piece by piece without putting too much pressure on yourself to reach the end result. With careful work, you will reach the peace and understanding you seek.

Finally, your skull has an incredibly important connection with your identity and sense of self. If you have recently suffered a trauma or been forced into a situation in which you question who you fundamentally are, then you may experience aches and pains in these bones. Remember, you are your own unique individual, and this is a strong and powerful concept! Remain true to yourself and who you are, and you will find that these aches and pains will begin to fade away.


Your face is well-known for being the canvas upon which you reveal your true feelings and emotions to the world around you. Should you choose to hide your feelings or portray false or artificially constructed feelings to the world around you, this may manifest in situations regarding your face including rashes, inflammations, or other abnormalities in the face. The solution to these ailments is a simple concept, but far more difficult in practice – drop the mask and reveal your true feelings to those around you.

There are two main ways that we may see the world around us, one is the objective facts free of bias while the other refers to your inner vision or the way in which you choose to view and interpret the world. When these two visions do not match up then you may notice pain in your eyes, impaired vision, eye twitching or other ailments relating specifically to your sight and your eyes. The key to relieving this type of pain is to accept and admit the facts before you, accepting the truth of the world that you live in. Doing so will not only allow you to bring your inner vision into balance with the objective facts, but it will also empower you to make the necessary changes moving forward to reach your goals and dreams.

Have you ever stopped to observe the way in which the animal kingdom connects with the energies in the world around them, retaining a higher awareness and reacting to influences we may not even sense or realize are around us? The nose and sinuses are a direct pathway to the brain, allowing higher beings to communicate with us. These pathways are also able to pick up the more subliminal messages from the people that we meet. For example, if someone is saying one thing, however, their aura is relaying a different message this can cause confusion. This confusion may present itself in the form of sinus pressure, infections, nosebleeds or blockages. By clearing up this communication, asking questions of those that we are communicating with, we can, in turn, free ourselves from these ailments.

While many of us only consider the auditory messages received by our easy, much like our sinuses our ears are associated with the ability to receive psychic messages, messages from the aura of those around us or messages from higher beings in our lives. If we are preventing ourselves from receiving these messages, then our ears may actually have a sympathetic physical response. If you are experiencing ear infections, ringing in your ears or hearing loss, this may be your body’s way of encouraging you to open your heart, mind, and soul to these messages. Allow yourself to meditate, welcoming these messages in order to open the line of communication.

Finally, the mouth, teeth, gums and lips are associated with sources of ‘income.’ This may refer to financial stresses, the earning of wealth or physical income in relation to the food that you provide your body. If you are experiencing toothaches, swollen or bleeding gloves, or pain and ailments in the mouth region, this may indicate that it is time to reassess your current career situation in order to relieve or eliminate stress. If the pains are caused by financial stresses in your life, take the time to draw up a responsible budget and stick with it. As you see your savings increase and your debts increase, the pain will be relieved.



It is no surprise that your chest, containing your heart, lungs and other important internal organs, is a hot spot for spiritual activity and connection within your body. For this reason, it is highly important to pay attention to the signs that your chest is trying to convey to you.

Your lungs provide your body with the oxygen required to remain healthy and operate effectively, however, sends us important messages in relation to the personal ‘breathing room’ that we have in our lives. If you feel as though you are being crowded or smothered by the people around then this may present physically through respiratory infections, coughing or difficulty breathing. The only way to truly treat these ailments is to create the necessary personal space that you require in your life.

Your heart is another key organ, pumping blood throughout your body. While ailments and pains relating to your heart should never be ignored, they may not be caused by something as serious as a heart attack or heart failure (although you should always have the potential physical causes investigated as soon as possible by a medical professional in order to rule them out). If there is no physical explanation for the pains that you are feeling, then you may need to address the commitments that you have made in your life. Governed by the ‘flow of life’ that you have decided for yourself, including the people, places and things that you love and hold dear, pains in your chest may be caused by an inability to uphold this commitment. This may not be hindered by a personal choice, for example, if a desired relationship is no longer possible in your life, but there is something standing in your way or ‘blocking the flow.’ By reassessing your commitments, you will be able to discover the areas in which you are being held back. Letting go of these unattainable commitments and refocusing yourself on things that are within your reach will relieve this pain.



Finally, your abdomen contains some of the most vital and important internal organs in your body including your stomach, intestines, gallbladder, kidneys, bladder and reproductive organs. Each of these organs has a very important role in your overall well-being in relation to your mind, body, and soul. By listening to the messages that these organs are trying to convey you can ensure that you are functioning optimally in all areas of your life. Remember – these are all major organs and ailments may have an important physical explanation. Always seek the advice of a medical professional to rule out serious diseases.

Both your liver and kidneys perform important functions within the body, purifying you of toxins that may have found their way into your system. On the metaphysical plane, these organs are also associated with the process of healing, cleansing, and detoxification in different areas of our lives. Your liver has a direct association with the soul, reflecting any impurities or imbalances within the soul and spirit. If you are experiencing a spiritual crisis or struggling with feelings of guilt, self-judgment or shame, then you may experience a sympathetic response in your liver, manifesting in the form of liver-related conditions. Kidney conditions may also be sending you an important message, however, they relate to healing within your bloodline. If you have been held-back by negative family-enforced patterns, beliefs or behaviors your kidneys may be trying to warn you that it is time to let go and stand up for yourself. Stand tall in your own beliefs and liberate yourself from these negative influences, understanding that just because something has been accepted as a ‘tradition,’ it doesn’t mean that you must continue to accept this negativity in your life.

Your digest system regulates the fuel that you are bringing into your body, allowing you to digest or analyze the information that you are receiving. This system within our bodies is highly associated with our ambition, drive, and efforts to attain our goals and dreams. If you are struggling with your ability to achieve your greatest desires, lacking ambition or struggling with your work efficiency than you may experience ailments in relation to your digest system including nausea, lack of appetite, gas-buildups, cramping, or stomach ulcers. Take the time to step back and analyze how you define success, determining a solid, tangible plan to work towards it in your daily life.

Your reproductive organs serve a very important role in life, creating life as we know it, however, they may also be associated with your ability to recreate life. These organs are highly associated with creativity and the drive ‘to create’ including the arts, dance, and music among other forms. If you are currently suffering from a creativity crisis, such as writer’s block, this may manifest in the form of ailments or pains associated with your reproductive organs including the uterus, vagina, ovaries, penis, prostate or testes. Meditate to clear your mind, freeing up the flow of creative energy.

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