While this is something that has been covered before it is something that people need to still even now be aware of. It seems many have forgotten the terrible deeds of the person who founded Jimmy Johns, sure they have been criticized for many reasons but this one takes the cake.

Back in 2011 the website Smile Politely uncovered photos showing Jimmy John Liautaud, the founder of Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches posing with several dead ‘trophy’ animals. While lots of people would not necessarily find this to be alarming the worst part of this is that most of these ‘trophy’ animals are endangered. Images of him with elephants, rhinoceros’, leopards, and so forth are littered across the internet.


Jimmy has spent tons of money going on trips to murder these innocent animals that are dwindling in numbers as is. These photos in which Jimmy looks quite enthused have been making their rounds and with good reason. A watermark on the photos according to Business Insider suggests that some were taken as far back as 2010 during a hunting safari led by Johan Calitz Safaris. He has been doing this for quite some time and is still more than interested in big-game hunting despite the controversy he has been facing.

Regardless it is clear Jimmy loves to spend the money that we spend on our sandwiches to kill off these precious creatures. As you will see below Jimmy poses happily with an endangered bull elephant he had slaughtered just moments before. Meat eater or not I am sure you can see the problem here.




As if that wasn’t enough to break your heart the story of the image below will really help you to lose your faith in humanity. This female Black Rhino was another one of his kills, she was the last black rhino in the Mangetti National Park at the time of her death. Just the thought is enough to have me nauseous.



For those who do not know as of 2015, about 100 elephants are killed every single day in Africa by poachers. Contributing to their deaths is complete bullshit. Whether or not he killed them legally or illegally he does not deserve our money. For more information please feel free to check out the video below.

Spend your money wisely, be the voice for these animals in the ways that you can. Their deaths were unnecessary and they are already being killed at alarming rates. What do you think about all of this? Do you think that trophy hunting is okay or are you against it? After the outcry, we got in regards to Cecil the lion I am shocked this has not gone further than it has.

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