Is depression merely a mental handicap that stands in our way of living a normal life, or is it a doorway to a spiritual journey that is necessary for us to lead a complete life? According to Dr. Lisa Miller, it is the latter.

Miller explains this simply through a metaphor by saying that depression and spiritual awakening are just two sides of the same door. For her, this understanding came through her own depression. As she was having infertility problems and difficulty in her marriage, she began to realize that she was dissatisfied with her life.

Driven by this horrible feeling, she soon realized that her depression was something much deeper than she has originally thought. During a Ted Talk, she explains her journey, and in it, she says she was awakened in the night by a spirit that made her realize that she had just begun.

Take a moment for yourself to watch this awe-inspiring talk that brings whole new meaning to a topic rarely discussed. Furthermore, if the doctor’s assertion is true, could we be looking at depression and its treatment all wrong? What do you think?

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