For most people, when you think of Friday 13th it brings about images of horror movies, violent serial killers, black cats and all things bad luck. While this is generally the accepted association today, if you look back through history the origin of the day is quite the opposite!

‘Lucky Number 13’ is a saying that you have probably heard at one time or another, however, the person speaking it was likely thinking of anything but good luck. The number has been associated with a number of negative connotations, justification, people believe, for the fact that it is believed to bring bad luck. In fact, the belief that the number 13 is bad luck is so strong that many hotels skip the number entirely when numbering their floors, jumping straight from floor 12 to floor 14.

There is even a term for the fear of the number 13! Its known as triskaidekaphobia. Those who suffer from this phobia are said to actually experience signs of anxiety such as sweating, rapid heartbeat, and nausea simply due to having to confront the number in their day to day lives.

Why else is 13 considered so bad? Traditionally, it has been said, that there were 13 steps to the gallows when one faced the hangman’s noose. A witch’s coven is believed to be made up of a total of 13 members. In fact, the legend of the Knights Templar, the protectors of the Holy Grail, were arrested and executed, a roundup that is said to have begun on Friday the 13th, in October of 1307.

With all of this to consider, it’s no wonder that we are so quick to accept the modern-day belief that the day is a cursed one. You may even be tempted to cancel all business meetings and presentations and spend the day in the safety of your own home. But don’t go running to bolt the doors just yet…

If we look back at the beliefs held by our ancestors, they differed immensely from that which we share today! Originally Friday the 13th was actually associated with the ‘Mother Goddess’, the spiritual being that was believed to oversee creativity, kindness, nurturing, imagination and beauty.

A day to celebrate this feminine energy and all that women bring into our work, it was used as a time to honor fertility and the cycle of life – creation, death, and rebirth.

By embracing the power of the Mother Goddess on this day, Venus Day, it is said that one can boost their creativity and sensuality. The energy that surrounds us inspires and focuses us, bringing art, literature, music, healing and, ultimately, creation into the world. Consider this for a moment – based on the average cycle length for a healthy woman, the average woman will experience menstruation 13 times each year. Furthermore, the moon cycles through 13 times each year, each time bringing the opportunity for new beginnings.

So, this Friday the 13th, don’t go running to hide away. Instead, embrace your creative nature and see just what the energy of the Goddess may inspire to you to create!


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