This summer is a unique and powerful time according to astrologists. Referred to as the Summer of Retrograde, there will be 6 separate planets all in retrograde motion at one point or another during the summer months, as well as the same movement by Chiron.

With each bringing a strong influence on the energy of the world around us and our lives as a whole, this is a time where you are uniquely positioned to heal from the pains of your past.

If you’ve been holding onto mistakes the past, this toxic energy may be holding you back and sabotaging your efforts to find happiness. Often seen as an elusive concept, many of us will spend our whole lives in pursuit of the secret to true happiness, a fundamental building block for any pursuit that you undertake including lasting relationships and a successful career. If this one aspect of our life has the power to impact everything, it stands to reason that we should take this opportunity seriously! How often are we given the chance to truly heal from the past?

This time of great energy is already upon us, in fact, it’s already working in your life, even if you don’t realize it. However, learning about how these different influences will work together allows you to take control of your future, harnessing this energy for your benefit. Don’t stand by idly.

At this point Jupiter has now left its retrograde motion, shifting back on July 10th. Despite the fact the direct energy shift is now past, we will continue to experience the ripple effect of this energy. Jupiter Retrograde was likely an uncomfortable time for you as it pushed you to face the areas in your life that require growth and development. This means acknowledging and admitting to your weaknesses, flaws, and shortfalls which is never easy. However, keep in mind that they only way to make improvements is to first identify the specific areas that you need to improve. Take some time to reflect on the period from March 8th to July 10th, and the revelations you experienced.

Saturn first moved into retrograde on April 17th and will remain in this backward motion until September 6th, effectively influencing the whole summer. The energy of Saturn Retrograde is chaotic at the best of times, as it turns our lives completely upside down. While this may appear counterproductive, this confusion and disarray will open your eyes to a number of truths that may have otherwise remained hidden and unnoticed. This will unmask the fake people and toxic influences in your life while stripping back the veil that conceals your biggest struggles. As uncomfortable as this will be, it is a necessary evil. Prepare for karma to rear its ugly head…

Another planet that will be in retrograde throughout the duration of the summer is Pluto. Sure, it’s not officially a planet any longer, however, the change to its designation doesn’t impact the energy that it carries. Pluto’s energy is focused on one specific area of our lives – the dark and negative side of our existence that we often work hard to keep buried. During this time, it will call on you to not only acknowledge the darker side of your emotions but to recognize that these very emotions can be used in an incredibly powerful way to move you forward. We each have an inner warrior capable of facing even the most challenging of times in our life, and the energy from Pluto Retrograde (from April 22nd until September 30th) will push you to your limits if necessary to help you see this.

There is no planet associated with more power and strength than the ‘Planet of War’, Mars. When this incredible source of power shifts its energy going retrograde from June 26th until August 27th, it introduces hostility into our already uneasy summer. This is going to heighten a number of negative emotions including anger and frustration. For this reason, it is recommended that you avoid any serious conversations or attempts to address conflict in your life until Mars returns to its regular movement. That being said, these emotions are a source of strength and motivation, and this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to use them for just that purpose.

Neptune made the shift into retrograde motion on June 18th where it will remain until November 24th. A mystical and highly spiritual influence, this energy is going to highlight concerns of the heart. You will find yourself reminded of times that others have hurt you, betrayed you or done you wrong – hurts that you have held onto for far too long. It’s never comfortable reliving these betrayals, however, by truly feeling and accepting this pain from the past you are stepping into the headspace required to practice forgiveness. This isn’t to say you need to welcome these people back into your life but forgiving them for their past indiscretions will allow you to finally let this toxic energy go. Life is about so much more than revenge and holding a grudge.

While it’s not a planet, the comet Chiron, also known as the ‘wounded healer,’ has plays an important role during this summer season. While all the other influences early in the summer have highlighted areas of pain, concern, discomfort, and negativity, Chiron will bring the healing energy necessary to work through these influences. Don’t be fooled, the process of healing isn’t generally an easy one. You may even find yourself pushed so far that you question your ability to survive this challenging time. Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel and the incredible growth and self-awareness that it will bring and continue powering forward.

Shifting our focus now to look forward, there are two more planets that will move into retrograde before this time is over. On July 26th Mercury will shift into retrograde where it will remain until August 19th. The ‘Planet of Communication,’ Mercury impacts all areas of communication in our world from our own internal dialogue and conversations with others, to the technology that we rely upon. When Mercury goes retrograde, this causes confusion, miscommunication and a complete communication breakdown. Electronics like cell phones and computers may malfunction or break down entirely, conversations will be full of misunderstandings and you will struggle to express yourself. Avoid any major or important conversations during this time. Furthermore, remind yourself that others are also dealing with this energy when deciding how you are going to react to things that they may or may not say.

Finally, on August 7th Uranus will move into retrograde and remain there until January 6th. This energy will boost our creative nature, empowering us to think outside the box and come up with unique and innovative solutions to problems that may have otherwise appeared completely impossible. The final planet to move into retrograde this summer, this is your opportunity to take everything that has been brought to the surface during this month and free yourself from this pain and negativity once and for all. Trust in your ability to find a solution, and you can round out your summer with feelings of accomplishment and freedom.

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