Breathing is something we do constantly throughout our lives, without ever giving it much thought. However, this action that many of us take for granted could be the key to completely changing our lives.

When we are just going through life not paying attention to our breathing we are not breathing fully. Conscious breathing is something we should all work on if we want to really heal our minds and bodies. It will reduce stress and allow you to really operate on a more proper level.

Think about it, all meditation techniques are based around breathing.  The more ‘complete’ our breaths are the more open we will become within. While this is a hard concept for some to grasp if you are looking to further yourself spiritually you’ll catch on quickly.

If you notice, when you begin trying to breathe deeply it will not be as simple as you thought it would. Your belly won’t want to fully take in the air that you are trying to. You will have to work your way up and really practice. For me, when I become angry, I try to breathe in and breathe out deeply to a count of ten.  This is a great way to really begin working with your breathing.

Breathing properly can really make a huge difference in your life. It can allow you to really let go of things you would have otherwise held onto. Doing this for just a few minutes at a time several times a day can leave you feeling refreshed, big time. Don’t ‘knock’ it until you have given it a real chance.

Now, working your way up to the complete breath is going to take a little time but you will get there. Just take things slow and do what you can as you can. Expand your breathing capacity as you see fit. Do not rush things. The exhale is supposed to be a very cleansing kind of release and for me, it honestly is.

I like to sit alone at night before bed and really practice breathing before I go to sleep. I will breathe in through the nose, hold that breathe for several seconds and then release it out through the mouth. Allow this breath to really move through your whole body. Let it activate all of your chakras. I do this to quiet my mind and allow the stress of each day to really melt off of my being.

It will have a very good demonstration and lots of more handy tips that should help you along your journey. Just remember this is no race, take everything at your own pace.

Image via Temple Illuminations

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