For those who do not know there is a very real Empress archetype. This is what brings about a deep sense of connection with our femininity.

Source: Liliana Moga


You can use the power of the number six to connect with the Empress. For those who do not know the number six is one of our core numbers. It is a number that holds a very deep and intense meaning. Six is considered to be the most harmonious of all single digit numbers. Six is actually sometimes even referred to as the motherhood number because she works to nurture us. The number six bring love and a caring nature into our hearts. However, when working with the number six you need to know that she can also become quite small-minded, and that will rub off on you if you are working incorrectly.

In order to use the number six to express your inner Empress, you need to do the following things. While connecting with your inner Empress is not as simple as we would like for it to be, it is doable. You can achieve great things through your feminine power.

How to Use The Number 6 To Connect With Your Inner Empress:

1. Let Mother Earth guide you.

Number six is a smaller version of Mother Earth herself, and it is deeply connected to her. Get outside and spend time in nature, let your feet truly sink into the dirt.

2. Work to strengthen yourself.

Work from within to better yourself, and do not let anything take away your inner strength. Practice self-care in any form you see fit.

3. Be more kind to others.

Be as kind as you can to the people around you. The number six, as mentioned above, is all about helping others and being there for other people. Treat people as if they are already their best versions.

4. Be as sensual as possible.

The number six is ruled by Venus and that means there is a great pleasure in beauty. Stop and smell the flowers from time to time; dive into your senses.

5. Embrace the yin energy in your life.

Yin is the passive female principle of the universe. Yin, in general, is deeply associated with the Empress as well as the number six. The more you embrace the yin, the closer you will feel the Empress.

6. Work on channeling the Empress.

When your boundaries are being crossed work to channel the Empress. She can do great things for you. Let the number six in and allow her to nurture you and through you nurture others.

Through doing these things you can work to reveal sides of yourself you were not aware of. Your inner Empress is somewhere inside of you waiting to be found. Do not leave her in the dark.

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