The Planet that Rules Your Zodiac Sign, And How It Affects You Personally

By June 11, 2018 Astrology

Our zodiac signs are a lot more in-depth than we tend to realize they are. While you might not be aware of the ruling planets, you should really take the time to get acquainted with yours.

Each zodiac sign has a ruling planet that is said to govern it and this is where each sign gets some of their traits. While some of these ‘planets’ are not necessarily planets, they are all celestial bodies and very important to all of us. Take a look below and find your sign to learn what ‘planet’ rules over you and what different things that could mean for your life.

Aries: Mars

Mars is a very masculine planet. It rules over Aries and brings with it a strong drive and sense of competitiveness. Because of this ruling planet, Aries can be quite loyalty demanding and a great warrior. Those under this planet are constantly moving forward and focusing on new things. They are extremely hard workers.

Taurus: Venus

Venus is the planet that rules over beauty, art, and the Taurus. This is where the Taurus gets his or her charm and sensuality. Because of this ruling planet, the Taurus is quite materialistic and usually pretty open to change.

Gemini: Mercury

Mercury provides the Gemini with his or her communication skills really allows them to break through any and all barriers. Because this is their ruling sign Gemini people tend to be quite clever and very intellectual. They might struggle with knowing when to shut up but regardless they can hold a damn good conversation.

Cancer: Moon

With the Moon as this sign’s ruling planet, things might seem a bit off but I assure you this is correct. The Moon brings the Cancer their nurturing ways and drives their sensitivity. Because the Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer, Cancers tend to be quite moody and irritable in more ways than not.

Leo: Sun

Leo’s are one of a kind, that is for sure and the Sun is partially to blame for that. The Sun drives the Leo to be bolder and open to expressing his or herself. If not for the Sun the Leo might not be anywhere near as courageous as he or she usually is.

Virgo: Mercury

Virgo is also ruled by Mercury like the Gemini is but the two signs are very different. While the Virgo also is able to communicate well because of this they still tend to keep to themselves. This sign gets the more practical aspects of Mercury. They really strive to achieve perfection in all that they do and are overly critical of well, everything and everyone.

Libra: Venus

Very much like the Taurus Venus is also the ruling planet of Libra. This is where the Libra gets his or her sense of justice and peace-seeking soul. The only negative side to this is that the Libra also gets the indecisiveness of Venus. While this can be worked through it is also quite frustrating. Regardless though the Libra is also quite charming and capable of practically anything.

Scorpio: Pluto

Now, this is where things get a little fuzzy, Scorpio is ruled by both Pluto and Mars. They get their intensity from Pluto and their competitiveness from Mars. They also gain a deep sense of control and power from Pluto and are much deeper than most other people.

Sagittarius: Jupiter

Because Jupiter is Sagittarius’ ruling sign, they are very optimistic and have a big appetite for life in itself. While you might not think much about it the Sagittarius really gets a lot of his or her traits from this planet. Jupiter is a planet of luck and adventure, two things the Sagittarius is clearly not lacking.

Capricorn: Saturn

The Capricorn gets his or her sense of discipline from this planet. Because they are ruled by Saturn they are usually hard workers with a great sense of work ethic in general. They are very responsible and determined to succeed.

Aquarius: Uranus

Because of this planet, the Aquarius is usually pretty damn innovative. People who are ruled by this planet love to be different and really go out of their way to stand out. They gain a lot of originality from Uranus and are in some cases pretty big rebels.

Pisces: Neptune

Neptune brings to the Pisces a very intense creative ability. Neptune is a planet strongly associated with dreams, intuition, and inspiration. People who were born under this sign who are ruled by this planet really go out of their way to escape reality.

(Image Via: Pixabay/WikiImages)

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