We have basically been on the brink of war for quite some time now and I guess you could say tensions between the US and other countries are higher than they have been in a VERY long time.

We have somehow been very fortunate thus far and war has not yet come. The Pentagon is in the opening stages of redesigning the force around the challenges of Russia and China should war occur. Not too long ago, this was made very apparent. The recent National Defense Strategy identifies these powers as competition, and it has been noted that the plans it requires to counter each nation is in tension with the other in regards to resources.

Gen. Paul Selva, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said as follows during an event hosted by the Defense Writers Group as reported by DefenseNews:

“Here’s why they will be in competition with each other: They are not the same.”

“There are two unique competitions that we have to deal with, and the elements are overlapping but not the same.”

“Any fight with China, if it were to come to blows, would be a largely maritime and air fight,”

“It doesn’t mean the Army and the Marine Corps don’t have a place. But when you think about how a potential conflict with China would evolve, it very likely involves a substantial contribution from the naval and air forces, and the Army and Marine Corps would be supporting elements in that fight.”

“The Russia global problem set is largely an air and ground fight. Supported by elements of our maritime component, because you can’t get to Russia, you can’t get to Europe in any large measure without transiting the North Atlantic,”

“Which means there’s going to be a maritime fight to get things to the continent, but the fight itself as it evolves is likely to be an air and ground fight.”

Selva went on to tell them that the fight against North Korea would be a much easier one. He noted that Pyongyang derives most of all of its military capabilities from buying things from China and Russia. I believe it is both a bit unnerving and still necessary considering growing tensions to be thinking about things like this and having a plan ready.

What do you think about all of this? Could war be upon us or is it a threat that will never come to a head? What in the world is going on?

(Image Source: Base Nation)

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