We are all a little dishonest from time to time. This is something that cannot be avoided and just further proves we are mere humans.

Below I am going to go over some of the things you might do when you ‘lie’ that other people don’t do. Each zodiac sign acts in its own manner. Because of the traits, you were given sometimes you might sell yourself short or kind of rat yourself out. What peculiar thing does your sign do when being dishonest?


You become a bit defensive when you are being dishonest. While you might not really realize it you have a plan made up for every single response the person you are conversing with might have. This makes you look a bit overly correct and might make others doubt you. You also leave far more room for pushing back than you should which doesn’t work in your favor often.


You tend to really do your best to distract the person you are trying to be dishonest with from the situation at hand. Most people are straight to the point but you jump over it and through it ten times before getting it out. You are not good at confrontation unless you are in a ‘kill everyone’ attitude and it kind of holds you back. You also tend to feel bad about lying to others and often fess up quickly.


You are someone who can lie with a straight face no problem. While you are naturally honest getting by with a lie or making someone believe something they might not have otherwise is something you are really good at. The laughing after might give you away but if you can control it usually you’re getting off Scott-free.


You could not lie to save your life. Sure, sometimes you have to and it feels terrible but for the most part, you let the guilt eat you up inside. The only time you ever even attempt it is to protect someone else’s feelings and it isn’t helping anyone.


You are one of the most deceptive people of the zodiac so being dishonest is quite easy for you as well. You are able to convince anyone of just about anything but one of the weird things you do is that you tend to come off as being far too nice out of nowhere. This sometimes has people questioning your motives.


You are someone that can lie without letting it bother you. You don’t really care if it makes someone else feel bad or if you are really getting something over on them. You are the king or queen of deception whether you realize it or not. You come off as far too cold when you’re being dishonest but most people would never notice.


You become too emotionally unresponsive when it comes to being dishonest. It’s like you completely cut yourself off. While you do this for a reason it really sends out a red flag.


You are someone who can lie all day long but would rather not. You are able to really pull the wool over the eyes of others because you use your body language and other things of the sort to your advantage. If someone knows to look for these kinds of things from you then they could spot your lies but most people would never even consider the fact that you might be lying to them.


You don’t really need to lie to anyone or be dishonest, you jump ship before you ever get the chance to own up to anything. You just avoid and deflect long enough to get yourself out of the situation. This is how you go through life.


When you are being dishonest you change things too much. You try to keep your story straight but in the end, you come out with some intense rollercoaster. You sell yourself out in the long run.


When you are being dishonest you always make yourself look better. You fish for more and make yourself out to be the hero. People tend to see through this and they kind of pick things apart on their own time. While you think you are being sly you really aren’t.


You are good at lying but you rarely ever do. You see no point in it. The only odd thing about when you lie is when you choose to do it. You lie about some of the strangest things.


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