Understanding the lunar cycle can provide us with a valuable insight into the changing energies that impact our lives throughout the month. While some people would love to explain away the changes that are experienced during the full moon as being nothing more than coincidence and folklore, studies show that there are scientifically backed hormonal changes that occur throughout the moon’s phases explaining the increase in hospital visits, crazy attitudes, and irrational decisions.

The full moon is a powerful time, if only you understand the energy that it brings and how to harness it for your own benefit. It is a time of heightened emotions and healing energy. While it is also often accompanied by sleep disturbances and mood swings, those who are able to prepare themselves adequately can leverage the energy necessary to make significant changes and improvements in your life.

If you have been struggling with pains from the past, this is the time to address them. Don’t shy away from the painful memories or difficult feelings that are associated with the errors of your past. Instead, embrace these experiences, allowing yourself to accept all that you have been through and the ways that you can improve moving forward. Applying these concepts to your life will allow you to let go of the past, freeing yourself from this negative energy, and move forward with a clean slate.

This month’s full moon, on May 29th, will fall in the sign of Sagittarius. This is a sign that is associated with freedom, adventure, and excitement. The energy of Sagittarius will encourage you to let go of all expectations and the burden of your responsibilities, focusing your attention instead on the new experiences that await you. While this may keep you from being bored in life, it also holds you back from fully committing to anything, which can limit your goals and dreams long-term.

Sagittarius is also associated with a love of the great outdoors, encouraging you to want to spend even more time outside. Take the time to capitalize on the beautiful weather that this time of years is bringing you. This can be done through any activity that may take you outdoors to connect with nature including camping, hiking, biking or even just taking a long walk. Leave the headphones behind, focusing on the sounds of the environment around you during this time.

It is said that when the full moon is in Sagittarius, all zodiac signs are going to get a taste of the Sagittarius way of life. For some, this is exciting, embracing the impulsive and adventurous energies that this will trigger. They will follow their hearts, enjoying the true freedom and allowing it to bring a new element of change and excitement to their lives. For others, however, his is a frightening experience that will put them out of their well planned and organized lifestyles.

Rather than fighting this energy, embrace it. Open your heart and your soul to the positive energies that come with the full moon in Sagittarius. Rather than allowing yourself to worry about what could possibly go wrong, focus your attention on the possibilities that are now so glaringly obvious before you, trusting that you are capable of whatever it may take to reach them. Truly embracing this concept will bring you great success.

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