Narcissists are not ‘just like you and me’ they are much more sinister than we give them credit for. They build us up only to break us down, and things go so far before we finally realize what is happening, that we end up truly damaged.

While in the beginning the narcissist will promise you the world and make you feel like a queen he will quickly begin taking back all the wonderful promises he made. He will bring you to wonderland but won’t allow you to really enjoy it. He will be your best friend, your lover, and so forth but also your worst enemy and biggest downfall.

You see, when you get into a relationship with a narcissist they figure out what you need and make you think that by being with them, you can have all of that and more. They see you are in pain, that you are suffering and they use it against you. They dig through every weakness and pick you apart at the seams.

The narcissist will make you feel on top of the world, he will gain your trust and really have you thinking you have finally got everything going for you only to let the curtain come falling down soon after. He will offer you a hand up out of the rut you’re in and let go halfway through. Narcissists lie to the faces of those who care for them, they don’t feel what they say they feel and they leave you questioning even your very sense of reality.

Between the psychological abuse and the confusion, you won’t stand a chance. When we let a narcissist too close we are allowing them the chance to truly break us apart. We are giving them all that they wanted without even realizing it.

The more you try to break free, the harder it becomes. Telling people what you’re going through is almost impossible because either they won’t believe you or they’re not around to tell. Narcissists isolate their victims for a reason. They set you up to be the bad guy and ensure that there is nothing you can do about it at that point.

That being said, narcissists are not as clever or as witty as they seem. They do not have everything figured out. At least not in the ways they think they do. You can break free and you can get away if you find yourself and your truth.

They create the wonderland that they bring you to and you can tear it down if you choose to do so. Overcoming the weaknesses they are using against you will only benefit you in the long run. You do not have to allow them to do all of these terrible things. By being aware of their presence and knowing your worth you are already one step ahead of the narcissists in your life. Cutting ties and doing what is best for you always will ensure that you never fall into his grasp again or those like him.

Be true to yourself and know that you can create that wonderland you seek on your own. Let your support group be it friends or family stick around and don’t blindly follow people just because they make you feel special.

Image via The Science of Love

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