The Mysterious Living Stones of Romania: They Grow and Move!

By May 14, 2017 Science, World News

For quite some time, researchers have sought to demystify the living stones of Costesti, Romania. Many have even wondered if the stones, which are capable of autonomous movement, could possibly possess a conscious.

Actually, some scientists have even gone as far as to claim that the stones were breathing, quite slowly, with a single breath lasting them for up to two weeks. Others have come to understand that the unique stones even have their own pulse, which can be detected with advanced scientific equipment. However, the most interesting capability the trovants possess are their ability to move 2.5 mm within two weeks on their own.

The trovants can only be found in the remote Romanian village known as Costesti. And their name, ‘trovant’ is actually a synonym for the German word “Sandsteinkonkretionen” that means cemented sand. And while that may seem like a strange name for a rock, that is literally what they are: cemented sand. Additionally, researchers believe that the rocks were created by earthquakes that occurred 6 million years ago.

And while scientists have grown to understand the strange stones better over time, they remain puzzled regarding the manner in which they grow. However, they speculate that when the stones are exposed to moisture from the air that the minerals contained within them expand causing pressure to be placed in the sandy shell. In turn, the stones appear to have grown.

Inside of the stones, scientists found only cemented sand and mineral salts. They also noticed rings inside of them that were similar to a tree. And the rings, just like those in the middle of a tree are able to provide researchers with the age of the stone.
Russia also has living stones, and theirs also consist of cemented sand, but they are much harder to break than the trovants of Romania. Thankfully, however, most people don’t break or smash the stones, so they are able to grow from a tiny pebble into a massive cliff-sized stone.

Of course, for now, the living stones continue to leave scientists puzzled. But, if researchers are able to prove that the stones can breathe and reproduce, they could one day be considered as living beings. For now, they remain to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in Romania. And, if you are ever able to make it there for a trip, you can visit the Trovants Museum National Reserve that has trovants you can take home and grow anywhere!

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