Did you know that we actually ask each other extremely personal questions on a daily basis? While we may think these questions are completely normal, they may actually be a bit too personal…

Sure, things like ‘how much do you weigh?’ or ‘how much money do you make?’ might seem personal but have you ever stopped to look at how personal ‘how are you feeling?’ is? This is a question that could easily be deemed most personal.

‘How are you feeling?’ is a question that can be worded in many different ways and is always as intense regardless of how you say it. It holds so much power and can really delve into some things that even the person you’re asking might not be aware of. Whether you are asking yourself, a friend, or a stranger it is something that you probably won’t even get the true answer to unless you really dig.

Another very personal question we tend to ask people is ‘are you okay?’ This is a question we also rarely ever get the real answer to. This is a question that evokes a lot of thought and can really make someone either feel a little better or shake to their core. While most people simply respond with ‘yeah, I’m fine’ they are usually lying.

Asking these questions to the right people at the right times can really help you grow closer to the person before you. Far too many people in this day and age think it is not okay to talk about their emotions but we all need to be more open and honest about the things going on inside our minds. What do you usually say when being asked one of these two questions?

These questions show that we care and remind the other person that they are not alone even if they don’t want to open up, it paves the way for them to do so when they are ready. If you ask someone one of these questions even if they don’t answer you truthfully it causes them to think about their answer.

It puts them in touch with their feelings more and forces them to pay attention to their emotions be this a good or bad thing. Never hesitate to ask those who need to hear these questions, these questions. Ask yourself and those you care about.

The more personal you get even with yourself the better. This will really help you deepen your relationships with those in your life and strengthen your inner being as well. We all learn a lot about ourselves through things like this.


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