Uranus being in Taurus is going to be a bit intense but it isn’t something we aren’t going to be able to handle. Sure, things will be intense but as far as our personal energies strength is to come.

Uranus went into Taurus on the 15th and from there it will be in Taurus until April 26th of 2026. Yes, I know that is a long time. Taurus is the planet of revolution and change. It brings with it a lot of conflict for the Taurus, but if their energies work together they can do great things. While some of their energy manifestations will be hard to face they all happen for a reason.

Because their energies are not necessarily matched, when these two forces come together Uranus does its best to look towards the future while Taurus tries desperately to hold onto the past as best it can. All areas of our lives will be under construction and the outcome will be something quite interesting. Taurus energy is all about being able to do things on your own and bringing forth your own sense of security. This is not necessarily something that resonates with Uranus.

Uranus energy is very electric and forward-looking. You can expect to be very focused on discovering new things and being more innovative. While it is a very rebellious energy it is still an energy that will benefit us all. Uranus is very intuition-based and for some reason, most people are unable to understand the ways it works for us.

Taurus, on the other hand, is very hyped up and yet patient in its own way. It is very diligent and steady. The Taurus energy is all about slowly winning this race. Taurus is the most stabilizing of the Earth signs and as Uranus spends time with it, it will teach us all to grow and build in a new way.

The things to come are things we would never imagine on our own. Uranus always delivers the unexpected. You are going to be feeling very anxious and throughout some of this, you might even experience anger. You are going to be developing lots of advancements and it will set the stage for what happens next in our lives. You are going to be going out of your way to try new things and finding what you are passionate about.

For some of us, we will be pushed to face our fears and others we might be more focused on settling debts. The more you experience the better as the lessons we face in the next few years will really change our beliefs. Shaking up your routine and putting yourself out there will benefit you greatly.

However, don’t forget to take care of yourself. With all of this change coming forth it will not be easy to practice self-care. Work hard within to keep your physical body as it should be. The years to come are going to be a wild ride, buckle up.

(Image Via: Pixabay/ajithpanayil)

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