Have you ever stopped to consider for a moment what actually makes someone lovable? Why are some people easier to fall for than others? It’s a question that has likely plagued relationship experts for years, after all – wouldn’t everyone want to know the secret to being completely and totally lovable? The truth is that it’s not one thing, it’s a culmination of who you are as a person including your personality, the way you carry yourself, your body language and more. One important point to consider is what you do on a regular basis to show others that you care, as we are naturally drawn to those that show attention and compassion for us.

While there are tips and tricks that you can put to work to boost how lovable others see you as, by taking a look at your natural personality we can make a pretty accurate prediction as to how others view you, and just how quickly you find your way into someone’s heart. Interested in seeing how you stack up?

Here are the zodiac signs, ranked from the most difficult to down to the most lovable:

#1 – Virgo

Virgos are INCREDIBLY picky about who they will allow into their lives, spending all their time with a nearly impenetrable wall built up around their heart. It’s not that they don’t want to allow anyone in, they simply have expectations that are so high most people don’t’ even stand a chance of meeting the mark. Living life in this way causes them to come across really cold and uncaring to others, which usually kills any chance of connection before it even starts.

#2 – Scorpio

The most mysterious sign of the zodiac, Scorpio keeps everything under lock and key. While this intrigues others, drawing them close enough to feel out where they stand, it ultimately keeps others out in 99% of cases. Incredibly passionate about everything that they do, they never give less than 110%. This comes with intense emotions towards any subject, which can be highly intimidating to others – especially if those emotions involve their fiery temper.

#3 – Sagittarius

One of the personality traits that helps people to see someone as lovable, an individual that they want to have in their lives, is their ability to see a future together. Unfortunately, the highly impulsive and free-spirited personality of a Sagittarius says anything but long-term. They are always looking for new adventures and experiences, resisting the urge to settle down. Combine this with the fact that they are generally know-it-alls that refuse to listen to anyone else’s opinions, and you can see why they don’t rank high on the lovability scale.

#4 – Aquarius

It takes a specific kind of person to love an Aquarius with all their quirks and unique personality traits. They certainly keep life interesting, and they aren’t like anyone else you’ll ever meet. This uniqueness combined with the fact that they are usually shy and withdrawn from the people around them can make it difficult to find anything to connect over. They aren’t going to go out of their way to connect with anyone else, happy to live their lives solo, and that turns many people away.

#5 – Capricorn

While Capricorns are generally incredibly loyal and trustworthy, they are highly logical individuals who don’t do well with the concept of emotions. In fact, many struggle to identify or ‘feel’ emotions at all, as it is not a side of their personality that they have ever explored in the past. Consider, for a moment, how this will come across to those that may be considering trying to start any type of relationship with them, and it will come as no surprise why they aren’t seen as the most lovable people that you will encounter.

#6 – Gemini

Geminis are highly social, the life of the party, which is the reason why they didn’t top this list, however, they are still sitting pretty high up on the unlovable scale. It’s not the first impression where Gemini loses their lovable status, it’s everything that comes after. Highly emotional, scatterbrained, disorganized and doubting everything that they say or do, it can be really difficult to nail them down in one place, on one topic long enough to develop a connection. If you do connect with a Gemini, however, know that they will give you their heart 100% without holding back.

#7 – Leo

Leos have an incredible ability to charm everyone that they meet with their award-winning smile, however, they can be a little difficult to tolerate for more than a short conversation. It’s not that they aren’t great people, in fact they are caring and incredibly protective of the people that they love, but they are pretty self-centered. Ok, that’s putting it mildly. A Leo will love you, sure, but they are always going to love themselves more.

#8 – Aries

Passionate and driven, if an Aries makes someone a priority in their lives, there is going to be no doubting that you are important to them! They live a fast-paced, high-energy lifestyle, but they manage to do it while still making those that they care about still feel like they will always find time for them. There is one HUGE personality trait that keeps Aries from moving further down this list, however, and that is their temper. Everything is great until you make them mad, and then watch out – they are a ticking time bomb and when they go off, they give no thought to the casualties along the way.

#9 – Taurus

If you are lucky enough to connect with a Taurus, you have a loyal and devoted partner for life. They bring an incredibly feeling of stability to every relationship, creating a solid foundation to build a life together, and there is nothing that they want more in most cases than to make their friends, family and romantic partners happy. However, if you think that you are going to push a Taurus around then you are sadly mistaken. Incredibly stubborn, if they decide that there is a set path they should be taking or a way that something should be done, they aren’t going to change their mind for ANYONE. If you’re looking to create a long-term connection, be prepared to compromise.

#10 – Libra

Libras love and care for everyone, believing that if they can just restore peace and harmony then they can create the perfect world to live in. They have the ability to genuinely see life through the perspective of everyone that they meet, even finding themselves able to put them in shoes of violent criminals and serial killers should the situation arise. While this is an incredible skill that will ensure that they are always compassionate and understanding, their need to avoid and smooth over conflict the second it arises can be a little annoying, and even come across as a little fake.

#11 – Pisces

The most romantic sign in the zodiac, Pisces longs to find their special someone and ride off into the sunset together. It’s a beautiful idea, and it reflects just how big their heart is, however, this need for the perfect fairy tale love can sometimes be a little difficult to live up to. However, their expectations are certainly two-sided, and they will go out of their way to make you the happiest person alive. They are incredibly honest, so you will always know how they are feeling and what is going on in their world. This allows for open communication which creates an even stronger connection.

#12 – Cancer

The most emotionally charged of the zodiac signs, there is no surprise that Cancer is seen as a highly lovable individual. They wear their heart on their sleeve, welcoming anyone and everyone into their lives with open arms. They love with everything that they have, no holding back, which can sometimes end with them being incredibly hurt, but they refuse to let this harden their heart. Devoted completely to those that they care about, they will do anything and everything in their power to take care of them and keep them happy, even if it involves great personal sacrifice. They are the true definition of love.

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