Mercury retrograde is something most people do not look forward to. It tears us apart in some of the worst possible ways so that we can start fresh once all is said and done.

Mercury is the planet of communication and reasoning. It is going to be bringing lots of commotion forth that you are probably not going to be able to properly prepare for. That being said, all of the things that are to come are going to be happening for a reason.

Mercury is set to go into retrograde on the 26th of July, and while that seems like forever away it is approaching quickly. It will be at 23 degrees Leo and with that also evoke plenty of anger. There will be lots of unexpected changes and upsetting situations before you. You will most likely be feeling quite nervous and frustrated, to say the least.

As Mercury goes into retrograde you will most likely notice an increase in arguments, accidents, and conflicts in general. During this time please let your common sense take the wheel of your life. Do not do anything you will regret later. Avoid overreacting and risk-taking.

While all of this is a bit confusing once the retrograde hits you will understand all too well. Mercury retrograde takes control of your mind and wreaks havoc on your thoughts. It really weasels its way into all parts of our lives.

Do your best to remain grounded during this retrograde. While it might be overwhelming not all emotions should be acted on. Make sure when you say something it is not being misinterpreted and do not overdo yourself in any way. Just wait out the storm and let whatever is going to happen, happen.

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