Have you ever noticed how you feel or act when you are in love? Each sign is different and we all take love on in different ways.

Below I am going to go over the different signs that someone might be in love based off of their sign. So if you want to know what love might look like on you or someone else check below. How does love change your sign? Have you ever noticed any differences in yourself?


Whenever you are in love you want to get and give as much attention as possible. You always put your partner first and expect the same in return. While you are a more independent sign when it comes to sharing with someone you actually love you are more than willing.

You listen to your partner and you give them all of your heart. While you do sometimes let your temper get the best of you usually you work through it. Being in love is a great thing for you.


You tend to hold out for the best but once you find the best you fall hard. You have your limits but are usually quite generous to the person you really love. You have a deep need to feel needed and when you are in love it sometimes puts you at risk of being taken advantage of.


You tend to become quite exhausted once you get really into a relationship. This is because you give too much. Love for the Gemini is not what one would call easy. It’s hard to find someone who can accept both sides of you. Once someone really gets you they are locked in for life.


You are a very love oriented person and you are someone that tends to constantly look towards the future. You find your love within your circle and from there you let it grow. You are much more of a homebody and finding someone to love really brings you out of your shell.


You are someone that really loves love but also tends to love drama. When you are in love you become much more generous and warm but it can be a bit too much for some. Your love life tends to be a bit sporadic since you get bored easily but when you really find someone that you want to make things work with you go above and beyond to make them feel like complete royalty.


You are a bit too picky but once you find someone that does meet your standards you get in a lot more deep than you think you will. You want the full fantasy when it comes to love and you refuse to settle for anything less. Once you really fall for someone you let down your walls and reveal your vulnerable side.


You are someone who does best when in a relationship. Being single is not for you. When you find your perfect match you become very dependent on them for your happiness. They literally become a part of who you are whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.


You feel love a lot more deeply than most. You want to lose yourself in it and that is exactly what you do. The Scorpio is extremely romantic and can be very jealous. You become very protective of the person you love the most and are very loyal.


When you are in love you are so much more fun. You become someone who wants to keep growing and achieve. While you are slow to commit once you know what you are feeling you sink right in. You really blossom into someone you didn’t know you could be when you are in love.


You take love very seriously and are not one to ever play around. You have everything planned out and know exactly where things are going. Because of your attitude being with you can be a bit hard. That being said, you are very loyal and people really do bring out the best in you when they are on that level with you.


When you are in love you tend to need more independence than most do. You do not like to feel trapped and are not interested in being the power couple. You do want to be friends with someone before developing things so you are not quick to love but once you have it you become all the more generous. You are someone that does not often get jealous and tends to not be too emotional so you’re a great partner.


When you are in love you become more gentle and nurturing. You allow your mate to rely on you to really soften their edges. You spoil your partner in all ways you can and they really enjoy it. You are a wonderful partner.


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