The Last Country We “Liberated” From an “Evil” Dictator is Now Openly Trading Slaves

By April 16, 2017 Other

The negative effects of the overthrow of Gaddafi are never ending it seems. Did we really save anyone?

We are all aware the United States led NATO move to overthrow Gaddafi back in 2011 resulted in a lot of bad things to happen. For instance, it has allowed terror groups to gain a foothold in the country. We have not learned our lesson as the same thing we did in 2011 is happening again with Syria. As you most likely have noticed the U.S. has failed to produce legal grounds for the recent air strike that has been carried out. Is Assad the monster our government wants us to think he is?

We need to be aware of the damage we are doing to these places, for instance, Libya’s slave trade has now expanded more so than we would ever think. Slaves are now being sold out in the open there according to The Guardian. While Libya is no stranger to extortion, violence, and slave labor the increase is terrifying. Since Gaddafi was overthrown the country has made its way down into a place of nothing but violence and chaos. People who attempt to be smuggled through the country often end up being sold off themselves and forced to work without pay.

The Guardian says these makeshift prisons are all over Libya and people there are wasting away. Migrants dying of hunger and disease or being slaughtered. Thanks to us Lybia has fallen much further down than it ever has. Because of Western “humanitarian” intervention, humans are being dragged into slavery. We have done nothing but make things worse, all with the ploy of helping others. If we attempt to ‘help’ anymore we will just cause more suffering. Why is it that we allow our greed to do such terrible things?

Why is the ever increasing issue of the slave trade in Libya being ignored? We ‘helped’ in the past so why are we moving on as if Libya was never even in existence? Is it because our government has already gotten what it needed from Libya? Nothing we do is for the sake of others. If it does not serve our agenda we will not intervene.

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