There is no denying that each zodiac sign has a specific type they end up being attracted to. Some signs look for adventurous partners and others look for clingy romantics, we are all different.

Below I am going to go over the kinds of ladies each zodiac sign tends to be drawn to. While he might not quite end up with a lady who matches up completely this is the kind of woman who can truly sweep him off of his feet. She will be able to keep him exactly where he needs to be.


The Aries man falls head over heels for strong women. He loves girls who are able to open up and say what needs to be said. Because he is not someone that wastes any time she must be the same. He isn’t going to be drawn to her good looks or her charm, the way she speaks and the way she shows her power will be what he finds most attractive.


The Taurus man will be drawn to the woman that isn’t afraid to remind him of all the small things. When he gets too caught up in his own troubles she needs to be there to shake things up. He wants a girl that is creative and talented if she can’t use her imagination he isn’t interested.


The Gemini man needs a woman who can keep up with him. She has to be as social as him and able to get along with everyone in his circle. The more she mixes things up the more attracted he will be.


The Cancer man tends to go for the woman that shows her vulnerable side the most. He loves a good damsel in distress. Helping her makes him feel like he matters.


Leo men are usually attracted to the woman that really shines bright in every room she enters. He is drawn to her attractive looks and the ways she holds herself. He needs someone who is on his level.


The Virgo man tends to go for the hard to get kind of girl. She is more than capable of keeping him on his toes and doesn’t get too emotional. He is not often good at expressing himself so this is perfect for him.


The Libra man is not often easy to sweep off of his feet but falls for the woman that really makes him feel powerful. He likes to be in charge and all the while be matched intellectually. If he can have a good conversation with her and she has a sense of humor he has hit the jackpot.


Scorpio men are always interested in looks before anything else. They want what they cannot have or have to work hard to get. They fall the hardest for those who are full of passion and willing to explore the world with them.


The Sagittarius man needs a woman who has patience. He tends to fall for the kind of lady that really sticks around even when he is struggling to himself. She is the kind of person that brings him to think things through and challenges him every day.


The Capricorn man is pretty damn picky when it comes to dating, he won’t settle for just anyone. He wants a woman that is not overly assertive but willing to take the lead from time to time. He tends to really find himself falling for the ones that go above and beyond to get things done.


The Aquarius man is quick to fall in love time and time again. He tends to fall for women who refuse to go with the flow. He wants someone that knows how to be herself and is willing to express all of her desires.


The Pisces man is always going for women that are almost impossible to find. He wants them to be able to grab his heart and his mind. She needs to be open-minded and free. If she is closed off and unwilling to learn he won’t be interested.

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