Gemini season this year is going to be fascinating for us, as 2019 is numerologically a number three year, and Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac. With Gemini ruling over creative ventures, inventive thinking, and expressing oneself, now is prime time for us to hone in on our own creative insight.

If you are a Gemini, then this is your time to shine!

If you have had a hard time expressing yourself lately, fear not, as now you will finally be able to gain clarity. However, if you aren’t ready to be honest with yourself, you may not be ready for the information that is coming to you in waves.

The raw truth behind a number of situations is about to come to light, and while honesty from another may be hard to stomach, honesty from yourself is the hardest truth the stomach of them all. Sit down, take the time to meditate, and keep a journal during this time.

Ask yourself, how do I really feel about the hardest situations in my life? Is your relationship and its problems really due to extenuating circumstance? Or have you caused these problems by not being truthful?

Remember, that while the truth is hard to stomach, it is important to understand the true motives you may have regarding all the most prominent times and issues within your life, before you will be able to push forward and onto new adventures, and Gemini’s energy is pulsating with new adventure, but only if you are ready!

Understand when it is important to voice your concerns and actively reveal your true thoughts, and when it is better to move on, leaving your truth unrevealed. While Gemini pushes you to reveal your truth, it is also important to not be impulsive with this energy.

Knowing the difference will come to you during intuitive meditation, and this weekend, as a full moon is taking place, will be a great time to get a jump start!

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