The Hot Water Challenge Leaves One Child Dead And More Severely Injured- Parents Beware!

In many ways, kids and the internet do not mix. Viral videos and challenges have gotten extreme these days, and the newest internet trend has already killed one and it’s extremely dangerous.

Everyone probably remembers the cinnamon challenge where one was challenged to eat a tablespoon of the fresh ground cinnamon whole, making your mouth extremely dry causing you to lose your ability to swallow. By doing so you risk choking to death or even suffocating as a result of cinnamon clogging up your airway. Undeniably extremely dangerous, yet millions of people partook in this overwhelmingly dumb internet sensation – and it’s only gotten worse. Perhaps we are now the dumbest and cruelest generations to have ever roamed planet Earth.

This extremely dangerous internet trend has led children all over the world with horrific burns and even death. It’s known as the Hot Water Challenge and it’s a terrifying threat that parents everywhere are concerned about. Kids are being dared to throw boiling hot water on an unsuspecting victim and record it, to later be posted on Youtube. In one instance, a child was dared to drink boiling hot water through a straw – resulting in his unfortunate death in July. 8-year-old Kiira Pope of Florida isn’t the only child fallen victim to this cruel internet trend.

One victim 15-year-old Nicholas Conrad was awakened at a sleepover by a horrific pain in his neck. “I felt this really bad burning on my neck and when I woke up and I started screaming and crying,” Conrad said. “It was the worst pain of my life.” After awakening to this horrendous pain, he was only met with the brutality that his friend has thrown boiling hot water on him while he was asleep – yet another submission of the ‘Hot Water Challenge’.

It was just Monday when 11-year-old Jameisha Merit of the Bronx was also burned horrifically when her friends poured boiling hot water on her face while she was asleep. Alongside her, Nicholas, and Ki’era, 10-year-old Wesley Smith of North Carolina was met with the same first degree burns the others were when he and his stepbrother attempted the challenge.

The victim’s parents are urging mothers, fathers, and caretakers everywhere to warn their kids against the dangers of partaking in these ridiculous and cruel challenges. “Parents, talk to your kids about these challenges,” Pope’s aunt Diane Johnson told a local CBS affiliate. “Don’t just give them your phone and let them go by. Watch what they are doing.”

“Watch what your kids are doing on the Internet,” Smith’s step-father Jimmy Daugherty told another CBS affiliate. “When we got to the hospital and I actually seen it, I thought the poor boy had been through a war.”

The challenge first arose in 2015 when a Youtube video was uploaded showing a female boiling water. Just before sneaking up on her brother and coating him on boiling hot water, she yelled “hot water challenge, Y’all!”. The video shows footage of her brother screaming in agony as he collapses to the ground. Honestly – What’s going on with people? People are becoming literally mindless due to the internet.

Caution: Graphic Material Below

Parents everywhere need to be informed on this horrific challenge. Inform your children and end these horrifically violent viral challenges and trends. This is a prime example of why kids shouldn’t be on the internet.

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