All credit for this article goes to  CHRIS WILSON AND MARIUS LECKELT And Time.Com

As Game of Thrones barrels to its conclusion, impatient fans can find torrents of rumors and alleged leaks as to who will rule Westeros when the curtain closes. We will not be linking to these flagrant would-be spoilers, but we can offer proprietary information that spoils nothing: The psychological personality profiles that drive the motivations of the remaining contenders.

TIME is currently running a scientifically crafted survey that determines how closely your personality aligns with each of five major characters—Cersei, Daenerys, Tyrion, Arya and Jon Snow. The questions, compiled for TIME by a team of research psychologists, are all drawn from established social and behavioral science and measure your attitudes toward leadership and self-regard.

But to pull this off, there was one dataset that we had to collect ourselves: meaningful information on the personalities of the characters themselves. So this project began with a low-profile stage in which devoted fans took our survey on behalf of the five characters, answering each question as they believe the characters would have answered. This phase was conducted before the current season began, so the profiles do not reflect anything that has happened recently, but rather their general tendencies in how they feel and behave.

This may seem like an absurd exercise, given that any two fans will not agree on the precise beliefs of fictional people. Happily, the data we collected says otherwise. Based on 1,730 responses from 521 fans—to whom we are eternally grateful—we found remarkably unique, statistically robust personality profiles for all five characters.

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