There are tons of conspiracy theories out there in the world today and many of them make their rounds online quite frequently. While some of them are a bit outlandish, there are a few that the more you read into them the more real they feel.

For those who might not be aware, a conspiracy theory is basically a theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators. These theories are thought out placed into the world and gone over time and time again. Some are proven through and others we are left either dismissing or questioning.

Below I am going to go over some of the greatest conspiracy theories of all time and what makes them so great. Whether you agree with them or not you will still be able to get a kick out of this. Have you heard of these theories?

The 3 Greatest Conspiracy Theories Of All Time:

1. ‘The Illuminati’/New World Order

A lot of people seem to think that there are secret groups or at least one secret group controlling the world. There seems to be evidence of this but not everything is verifiable and many are on the fence. If you spend a lot of time online chances are you’ve seen a lot of things about the Illuminati and perhaps your friends even make jokes in regards on occasion.

For anyone who might not be aware, the Illuminati is what many people call the group they believe is in control of the world. Many even believe that celebrities are added to this group and brainwashed to do certain things. They are theorized as working towards creating the New World Order and getting rid of each nation’s boundaries. You can click here to learn more about this one.

2. ‘The Moon Landing Was Faked’

Tons of people believe that the moon landing was faked for a number of reasons. Some argue that the flag itself should not be flapping in the ‘wind’ on the moon as you see it doing in photos and so forth. That being said, officials have noted that this was because the flag was wrinkled and kept its bent shape as the lack of strong gravity on the moon did not even it out.

Everything from shadows to rocks with letters on them have been gone over as a means of passing the moon landing off as a ploy by the US to just win the race to the moon and get one over on Russia. This one is something that has tons of people quite divided and will continue to have tons of people divided for many years to come as well. Whether you think the moon landing was real or not there is no denying that both sides do make some great points.

3. ‘The Government Is Hiding Alien Life from Us’

This one is my favorite and one that I think I might actually be more on the side of believing. While you’ve probably heard of Area 51 and the rumors about there being aliens hidden there, you might not have known that the government kept track of all UFO sightings for many years and was referred to as Project Blue Book. It was collected by the Air Force and has been retired to the National Archives in modern day.

According to unclassified documents the government here in the US actually spent about 22 million dollars over a 4-year period just trying to figure things out in regards to UFOs. Some people actually believe aliens are living among us. While there are tons of variations to this theory it all links back to the government trying to hide things from us.

While these theories might not be the most exciting they are quite interesting and are shared time and time again each day. Do you believe any of them? I for one think that some could hold great value.

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