While we all know that the most recent full moon was both the Harvest moon and Hunter’s full moon not many of us know what that means for us on a spiritual level. We have not yet taken the time to understand just how this now passed full moon is going to affect us.

Sure, the moon itself is no longer full, but its energy is still here. This full moon was in Aries which makes its energy even more intense. We will be experiencing a lot of new things. No matter how we look at it this month we are going to be addressing things within our love lives. For some people, these things will be good and for others, they will be bad.

With the full moon in Aries for the next few weeks to come, we will be experiencing lots of feelings that whether we want to or not will be projected on our partners. This is our new beginning. We have made it through most of the year intact, and now our souls need to be satisfied. Your passion meter will be full blast in the days to come, and if something is not enough for you, you will be made aware of it.

You should definitely remember to pick your battles wisely and stand up for what you truly deserve. If you have been questioning someone’s love for you now is the time to call them out and let them know how you have been feeling. During this time you will be urged from within to cut ties with anything and anyone who is holding you back.

While sometimes it is hard to make room for something new it is always necessary. Do not let fear hold you back this month. If your relationship is one worth sticking around for take this new found energy that is radiating from within you and put your all into making things the best they possibly can be. While we are used to taking things slow and steady the Aries energy will have you moving quickly.

Take advantage of this energy while you can and get things done. We have as you may know a new moon in Libra well on its way. With it will come so much more energy and a lot of new directions. We deserve all that is to come.

If you feel like a decision needs to be made now is the time to make it. For more information on the energy to come check out the video below. While it is from before the full moon occurred it is overflowing with useful information.

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