As we walk through life, our perception of the world around us shapes our experiences – our interpretation of the various things we see each day taken for granted. The reality that we ‘see’ before us isn’t as black and white as we may believe, our perception not always lining up with that of those around us but analyzing what it is that we first see in a situation may provide an interesting insight into our personality.

The study of perception and the way that we see the world is one that has intrigued psychologists for generations. In fact, it is this fascination that led to the development of the Rorschach test, otherwise known as the ‘inkblot test’. By showing those taking test a series of cards, each with a different inkblot shape on it, individuals are asked to identify the image on the card. Their answer reveals a deeper level of their consciousness, their perception of life shaped by both their personality and their experiences in life up to this point.

This is the same theory that is used to create the entertaining imagery tests seen online. Each test shows a different image, asking you to identify the first thing that you see in the image. It’s not a trick! Analyzing the image and the options available, an expert is able to predict what personality traits and life experiences would trigger that specific response. Do you have attention to detail, or do you look at the bigger picture? Are you drawn to a specific type of imagery? Each of these answers will provide important insight into your true personality.

Let’s give it a try! Take a look at this picture, what’s the first thing that you see?

Don’t overthink it. Instead, simply look at the picture and go with your first gut instinct. Remember that you aren’t the only person perceiving this image in a specific way. A good optical illusion may include a large number of options, each with its own individual triggers. What was the very first thing in the picture that caught your attention? Read on to discover what this reveals about your personality…



Much like the balloons that first caught your attention in this picture, you long for the ability to fly freely throughout life. You are always looking for your next great adventure, your eyes on the future and all that it has to offer. This tendency for forward thinking will help you to see the hope in even the most difficult situations, allowing you to face darkness with a smile on your face. It’s not that you possess a greater courage than those around you, but you already see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you know it’s going to be good.



You are a bold and determined individual, your life dedicated to the quest for success. While others may struggle with their own fears and insecurities, you refuse to let these negative thoughts hold you back from achieving all that you set out to achieve. You aren’t afraid to speak your mind, in fact, you may want to try holding back just a little more. Why? While you may not be overly sensitive, there are plenty of others in the world today that aren’t going to handle your blunt and forward approach without getting their feelings hurt.


Open Book

If, when you look at this image, the first thing that you see is an open book in the middle of the image, this is a sign that you are a wise and highly intellectual individual. You thirst for knowledge, eager to learn from every experience that this life grants you. While others may live their lives guided by their heart and their emotions, you rest on the other end of the spectrum. Guided by your rational mind, you make decisions based on data, facts, and truth. While you don’t often pay attention to matters of the heart, be careful not to view life too analytically. Keep your heart open to the possibility of something more meaningful.


Tilted Cross

If you look at this image and are immediately drawn to the cross in the center, then you are an incredibly unique and creative individual. You refuse to be backed into a corner, forced to dress or act in a specific manner. This rebellious streak may have led you into trouble at various points throughout your life, but it also set you up for some great success. Why? You see the world differently, which empowers you to discover new and unique solutions to some of life’s greatest problems. Embrace this individuality, but at the same time, you need to learn that there are times where you are better off playing by the rules.


Source: The Hearty Soul

Smiley Face

There is always that one person in every group that lights up the room the second that they walk in the door, their infectious smile and upbeat attitude bringing joy and happiness to everyone around them. While others are focused on the future and the work that needs to be done today in order to get there, you have a very different approach to life. You choose, instead, to focus your attention on the here and now, doing all that you can to ensure that you truly enjoy every moment. You may not own the latest and greatest gadgets, but that’s okay! You recognize that life is about so much more than material possessions.



Those of you that notice a rose off to the side of the image before anything else, then you are drawn to all things beautiful and pleasing to the eye. You are highly optimistic, a personality trait characterized by your ability to discover the positive in even the darkest situations. Embrace this mindset, as it will help you moving forward. Why? When life becomes challenging and others are overwhelmed by the darkness, you are able to see past this moment to the light at the end of the tunnel. Never lose this hope.



The serious and practical one in your group of friends, you can’t help but roll your eyes at the amount of time that friends and family waste on meaningless activities such as playing around on social media or chatting with a friend. Rather than engaging in these activities, you channel your time and energy into creating a solid plan for the future and putting it into action. You possess strong morals, values, and beliefs, and refuse to sacrifice them for anyone. Don’t fall into the trap of ‘taking the easy way out’. When all is said and done, you will achieve incredible things in this life so long as you continue pushing forward with your morals intact.



Kind and compassionate, those that first see a heart when looking at this image are able to see the best in everyone that you meet. While you recognize the existence of evil and cruelty in the world, you refuse to believe that there are people capable of only negativity and pain. Instead, you can look into the eyes of even the most hardened and angry individuals and see the soft, kind soul within. You’re a gifted healer, specifically in the area of mental and emotional health. For this reason, you spend much of your assisting those around you to work through their greatest challenges, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Image via The Hearty Soul

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