Psychologists have long used perception and imagery to better understand the human mind, as can be seen with the popularity of the well-known ‘inkblot test.’ However, ink blots aren’t the only way to measure the way in which one perceives the world around them – a number of different image related tests are now sweeping social media, providing us with a fun way to learn a little about ourselves.

Some of these images were created solely for this purpose, carefully piecing together specific pictures to create a composite with a final purpose in mind. Others, however, were created as abstract art only to be discovered by psychologists who discover that it serves as a useful tool in their studies.

This specific image was just that, a unique piece of abstract art created by Polish painter, illustrator, and designer Rafal Olbinski. Olbinski is known for his use of surrealism, creating designs that leave you thinking, discovering new and interesting aspects at each turn.

When you look at this specific piece by Olbinksi, don’t allow yourself to think about what you’re seeing. Instead, go into this experience with an open mind and trust your gut.

What is the first thing that you see in this image?

Read on to discover what that reveals about your personality…

The Harp

Seen as a symbol of ‘angelic grace,’ if your attention is drawn to the harp first then you are a highly spiritual individual. You believe in the idea of the bigger picture and may even feel as though you are called for a greater purpose in this life. You are a lover of music, either as a musician yourself or through your appreciation of music created by others. Never lose this love, as music is said to be the one language in this world that everyone can understand regardless of where they live. You are incredibly in tune with your thoughts and feelings, with a strong sense of self-love and self-acceptance. This allows you to embrace all aspects of your life, including your strengths and weaknesses, understanding that each plays an important role in the bigger picture. This gives you a confidence that inspires and motivates those around you.

The Woman’s Face

If you find that you are drawn to the woman’s face before anything else, then you are a survivor. You understand that the world is a confusing, messy and imperfect place, and we are all going to face challenging times at one time or another. However, you refuse to allow these challenges and difficulties to tear you down or define you. Instead, you stood tall as a beautiful example of strength and resilience, inspiring others in their own battles. Your past hasn’t been an easy one, but if asked you wouldn’t change it as this is what made you who you are today. Each struggle worked to refine you, allowing you to grow and evolve into the best version of you. You exude strength, a trait that others can’t help but see in you. It is for this reason that you are the one that your friends and family come to when they are facing their own struggles.

The Flowers

This smaller detail in the picture is often overlooked, so if it is the first thing that you see then you have an eye for detail. You are drawn to the true beauty in every situation, which reveals the loving and giving nature that defines you as a person. You live your life led by your heart, genuinely caring for everyone that you encounter. You may even be a natural born empath, connecting with people on a deep and spiritual level. Those who first notice the flower are a light that brings happiness and joy into every room that you enter. You aren’t distracted by the material desire that motivates some people, instead focusing your attention on the meaningful interactions that you share. While your outlook on life may leave you broken-hearted, don’t allow it to push you to the point of closing that heart off – the world needs you.

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