The things we are drawn to tend to say a lot about who we are even if we don’t often realize it. Sometimes our subconscious can be interpreted and when that happens the things we learn can be extremely interesting.

Below you will see an illustration of what looks like a lot of ‘random shit’ but it is not random shit at all. In this image there are lots of different animals, which animal do you notice first? Which animal stands out to you before any of the other ones do? Perhaps you can make out the whole face or is it just part of one? Once you have noticed an animal (the first one you see) continue on to see what that might say about you and your personality in general.


Doves are a symbol of love and are often portrayed as gentle beings. They are seen as signs that we need to work towards harmony. If you chose this animal you are calm and patient. You know who you are and where you are going in life. You are someone that constantly is able to see the good in everyone around you and all the situations you find yourself in.


Eagles are some of the most amazing predators in the world. They use the sky to their advantage and are very focused. If you chose the eagle you are someone with an amazing drive. You are hard-working and extremely cunning. You know what you want and are willing to do whatever you need to do to get it.


Butterflies are beautiful and fragile. If you chose the butterfly you are someone that might be the same in one way or another. You are someone people are drawn to but also take advantage of more often than not. This is something you need to work through.


Source: Meawww

Wolves are thought to be vicious and lonely but they aren’t really that at all. If you chose the wolf you are someone who can handle being in a group or on his or her own. You stand out and walk with a sense of confidence most other people do not have. You are virtually fearless and come across as quite mysterious.


Dogs are loyal and brave. They love endlessly and give as much as they can, sound like someone you know? If you chose the dog you are someone that loves the small things in life. You just want to make everyone happy and you will stop at nothing to do so. You let people walk all over you but only in order to push them forward. You are truly selfless.


Horses are interesting creatures, so huge but yet so gentle nonetheless. If you chose the horse you are much freer than you realize. You are very in tune with your inner being and your higher self and you know what this life is all about. You are honest and kind but know how to stand up for yourself when need be.


Source: Meawww

Crabs are often thought of as disposable. They are seen more as food than as animals but regardless, they are alive. If you chose the crab you are someone that knows how to look past a person’s appearance. You see people for who they truly are and you are extremely loyal. Your hard exterior does protect you but in the end, you still manage to get your heart too invested in far more than it should be.


Source: Meawww

Roosters are also not necessarily loved in the world of animals but they are important. If you chose the rooster you are someone with great intelligence who is willing to do what needs to be done. You do not let other people walk all over you and you know how to hold your own and stand your ground when you need to.

Praying Mantis

Source: Meawww

These little buggers are creepy to most and a bit off-putting to the rest. While they seem to embody patience they are also pretty interesting. If you chose the praying mantis you are someone who is extremely patient. You listen to your inner voice and do not act without thought. You are very in tune with the things going on around you and that is something everyone else can learn from you.

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