Sure, opening your third eye can be a wonderful experience if you are ready but there are some terrible things that can come with forcing it open too early. Only open your third eye when you are ready.

Don’t expect to open your third eye to solve all of your problems. Now, for those who may not know, the third eye is located in-between the eyes on the forehead. It is associated with the brow chakra Ajna and the pineal gland. It is in a sense the gate to higher consciousness.

When we force our third eye open we often become disoriented and experience chronic brain fog. You see not everything that comes with opening the third eye is good. It forces you to see everything, even things you don’t want to see.

Opening the third eye is not for everyone. If you are not ready to give up reality as it is, don’t do it. Those who are opening their third eye are able to see different levels and dimensions of this reality. It is not something many people can handle. That being said, another good point is that it cannot be undone.

Thinking about why you want to open your third eye is important. You have to be sure you are ready and open it slowly, forcing anything is not a good idea as I have said time and time again. If you don’t know much about spirituality don’t bother, give yourself time to understand what it is you are getting yourself into beforehand.

Opening your third eye prematurely comes with headaches, energy draining, and can really set you back. Always do your research and make sure you are truly ready to do the things you are doing.

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