Which zodiac sign do you think would most likely be a murderer? Perhaps the Gemini or maybe the Taurus?

Sure, most of us will go throughout our lives never doing these things but it is interesting to know the crimes that our zodiac signs might be more associated with. The traits associated with each sign seem to add up well with one crime or another in many ways. What crime would you consider your zodiac sign to be ‘most likely to commit?’ This could be a specific crime or even just a specific kind of crime.

Aries: Revenge Crimes

Aries always have to get their revenge. Sometimes with this, they go a bit overboard. Revenge crimes come in a wide range but they have to get even no matter what lengths they have to go to in order to do so.

Taurus: Assault

The Taurus always has a lot of built up anger. When they explode they truly explode. For some, this could literally turn them violent. You have to know when to walk away from the Taurus, because once they get to that point there is no turning back.

Gemini: Scam/Fraud

The Gemini is a bit two-sided and can be a bit of a con-artist. They are good at fooling other people and many use it to their advantage. They can get what they want if they truly want it.

Cancer: Blackmail

The Cancer will go above and beyond for the people closest to him or her. For some, blackmail might seem like the only way in some stances. While they may not be proud of it they are nowhere near above it.

Leo: Arson

When the Leo does something, they aren’t the average Joe. Petty crimes are just not enough, so if he or she is going to do something it is going to be BIG. Arson is about as big as it gets in his or her mind.

Virgo: Public Intoxication

The Virgo is a mess, that much is more than clear. When they are at their worst public intoxication becomes a reality quickly. Sure, some are good at hiding it, but others get caught with ease.

Libra: Theft

The Libra is not above stealing, and if he or she truly needs something then they will go out and get it. That being said, they are not going to steal from a specific person. They may steal from a store (shoplifting) or a stand. To the Libra, this makes them feel almost as if they are Robin Hood, even though they are nowhere near it.

Scorpio: Aiding and Abetting

The Scorpio’s soft heart makes him or her a good target for this one. They just don’t know how to turn in those they care about and it can cause serious problems for them. Regardless of the crime, the Scorpio is far too loyal for his or her own good.

Sagittarius: Robbery

The Sagittarius doesn’t care who you are or what is going on, they will just take and take. It is hard to get close to them and when you let them close they will just use you. Because of this, they are far more inclined to be robbers, their flightiness just adds to it more and more.

Capricorn: Vandalism

The Capricorn will lash out in a lot of different ways, and for many, this includes vandalism. They like to destroy things and it doesn’t really matter what. Because of their ambition, you might not expect this but it’s true.

Aquarius: Hacking

The Aquaris is able to focus more than the other signs. He or she is able to do things other people cannot. While they might not look like hackers to you their abilities go far beyond just that. The way they use their ability to focus and learn can affect a lot.

Pisces: Murder

Because the Pisces is imaginative and creative he or she is the sign that will also most likely get away with murder. If and when they snap it will be well thought-out. They will know exactly how everything is going to go down and have plenty of backup plans. That being said, if you treat them well you have nothing to worry about.


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