Starting on May 16th Mars and Uranus began an interesting and powerful dance with one another, interacting in a way that will impact our lives from now until September 18th.

This back and forth movement, with their energies playing off one another, will take the influence that each planet has individually and turn them on their head, leading to a more intense and passionate influence than either could possibly hold on our lives on their own accord.

The fiery planet of Mars is best known for being the planet of war, bringing a passionate and determined energy that is willing to defy all odds in order to achieve its means. This energy brings out the ambitious and competitive streak that exists within each of us, calling on us to stand up for the things that matter most within our own lives. Drawing on the heart, it will spark a courage and sense of honor that will encourage us to step outside of our comfort zones, taking the risks necessary in order to face our challenges, grow into the best versions of ourselves and achieve great things.

It should be noted, however, that this intense ambition and desire for achievement is neither good or bad in and of its own accord. Instead, this energy places the responsibility within our own hands, with the potential to go either way. Drawing on our own inner morals and values, we can either put this energy to work for good, helping us to make the world a better place, or we can use it in a dark and twisted away for our own personal gain.

Meanwhile, the planet Uranus is known as ‘the planet of rebellion,’ encouraging originality, a break from tradition and a new way of seeing the world that we live in. This energy calls for us to expand our vision, opening our mind to new possibilities and a break from the status quo. While a fresh set of eyes may be just the break that we need to discover the solution to long-lasting problems, the desire for freedom and rebellion may also lead to chaos, confusion erratic and bizarre behavior. We need to tap into our own willpower in order to maintain some order in our lives.

When these two forces intertwine, they will bring us a sense of freedom and liberation from the limitations of life as we know it. Leaving behind any self-imposed limitations, we feel empowered and in control – willing to step into the unknown with a sense of conviction so strong that nothing and no one can hold us back. We know that we are capable of great things, and we feel the drive and dedication to chase down these goals, along with the belief that we will succeed in anything that we set our minds to. Embracing this way of thinking will put us well on our way to becoming the best version of ourselves, growing and evolving throughout the process.

Be cautious! The combination of Uranus’ need for rebellion with the passion and drive of Mars can lead us to make rash decisions as we rush to change everything in our lives as quickly as possible without taking the time to think through the potential consequences of our actions. Before you act, force yourself to sit down and consider the potential outcomes given your choices, empowering yourself to make smart and well-informed decisions. This combination of planning and action will lead you to true success.


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