The ‘Chinese Body Clock’ Explains Why We Are Waking Up At the Same Time Each Night

By December 20, 2017 Spirituality

The Chinese Body Clock is something that has also been called the Chinese Meridian Clock. This is a clock that will explain to you why you may be feeling a bit odd or even waking up at strange hours.

If you are dealing with any kind of imbalance or issue in a specific area you may notice a meridian being more active. For instance, if you are dealing with any kind of inability to sleep around 2 am you are most likely dealing with some kind of liver issue. These issues can present themselves in different ways though, not all of them will even have anything to do with the organ they are associated with. Take a look at the chart below to see what time each organ is associated with.



Chinese Body Clock: Organs and Time Associated

Large Intestine: 05-07 (am)

If you are feeling rough at this time you really need to hydrate. Drink lots of water and if you need to use the bathroom do so. Our bodies need lots of water, especially during the morning time.

Stomach: 07-09 (am)

If you aren’t beginning your day with a healthy breakfast you really should be. Really breathe and loosen up. Let your stomach settle before taking on new things. There is something wrong with this area if you have no appetite or are experiencing pain of any kind.

Spleen: 09-11 (am)

Be as active as possible to work through this one. As I said above it is very important to get a good breakfast. If you notice any kind of bloating or discomfort during this time Chinese medicine may be telling you there is something going on with your spleen.

Heart: 11-13 (am-pm)

If you are feeling especially sad or ever frightened during this time there is something going on. You should eat something and try to get things off of your chest. Do not let your heart become too overburdened during these hours.

Small Intestine: 13-15 (pm)

If you are being kept preoccupied during these hours something needs to be done. If your mind keeps coming to it you need to address it. You may also experience energy crashes or stiff neck. The small intestine is something we should always do our best to take care of. Do not skip meals or ignore your body.

Bladder: 15-17 (pm)

During this time you need to really pay attention to your bladder. If you need to go, go. Do not hold things in.

Kidneys: 17-19 (pm)

Put yourself first and really make sure you are taking care of your kidneys. If you notice any kind of issues occurring at this time it is most likely in relation to your kidneys. As I mentioned above make sure you go to the bathroom when you have to and practice self-care.

Pericardium: 19-21 (pm)

This is responsible for your circulation. If you notice issues during this time it might be the best point to get some. Have sex and really let yourself free. That being said, if sex is not an option a foot massage can also do wonders.

Triple Warmer: 21-23 (pm)

This is something that is often associated with your thyroid. Don’t think too deeply, let yourself relax. Just take some time to chill.

Gallbladder: 23-01 (pm-am)

If you are having any kind of issues here you need to get things checked out. Your gallbladder is not something you want to have problems with. If you can’t sleep and are experiencing pain flushing might be what you need.

Liver: 01-03 (am)

Poor diet can cause issues here or even too much alcohol. That being said, whatever the reason, you need to cleanse your liver and get some rest. Do not overwhelm your body.

Lungs: 03-05 (am)

If you can’t stop coughing during these hours your lungs are busy getting rid of toxins. You need to make some changes. Really work towards taking care of your lungs.


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