For those who may not know there is a five-factor model in place that works to evaluate the five core aspects of our personalities. These are known as the big five; where do you stand?

The big five is used to help psychologists better understand us and help us better understand ourselves. It can benefit us greatly to know where we stand when it comes to the FFM. The five parts of this are broken down as you will see below.


Openness is the person’s ability to express themselves freely, unfortunately, many people are lacking in this area. I believe a good middle ground on this one is necessary.


This is the personality trait of being vigilant. It is our desire to do something well and correctly. People who are not lacking in this area tend to get things done quickly and remain organized.


Extroverted people are more outgoing where-as introverted people are not. Introverted people do not like to socialize while extroverts are always the life of the party. This boils down to how a person thrives socially.


This is essential whether or not someone is kind or cooperative. Those who are more agreeable are often found to be more considerate of others. This trait is also one that needs a middle ground.


Being high in this increases your risks of anxiety big time. People with higher levels of this are often constantly worrying or afraid of something. It can be quite frustrating.

Where do you think you stand on the big five? If you want to find out you can do so by clicking here and taking the test directly on Psychology Today. While it is a bit long, it is quite in depth and will tell you a lot about who you are. Apparently, I am as I assumed I would be, quite introverted. For a better explanation on these five traits check out the video below.

(Image Via: Pixabay/dotigabrielf)

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