Sometimes, we end up with shit luck when it comes to love. What we want and what we need tend to clash with one another.

Each zodiac sign needs something different and whether or not you realize it, in time or not might make a huge difference in your love life. Below I am going to go over the best advice that can be found for each sign and what they should be doing in regards to love. If you can’t do these things love is not going to be making its way into your life anytime soon.


You need to stop trying to rush into things. Sure, everything for you is in overdrive but love doesn’t need to be. The more you slow down the better.


You need to learn to compromise. Relationships cannot thrive properly without compromise. If you aren’t willing to hear your significant other out you might as well go ahead and cut ties.


You need to figure out who you are before trying to bring someone else into your drama. Because you are so moody and flighty no one can tell what you really want. Being open and honest will benefit you greatly in the long run.


You need to stop letting other people run all over you. You will never be in a proper functioning relationship if you let other people treat you like a doormat. You are a human being, so expect people to treat you as such.


You need to stop being so manipulative and controlling. You are not the hot shit that you think you are. If you don’t take the time to really figure out where you stand you will get nowhere. Your ego might ruin everything if you don’t keep it check.


You need to learn how to express yourself without being overly critical. Other people don’t see things in the ways that you do. If you are too honest too quickly they will run every single time.


You need to stop hiding your emotions. Being more honest with yourself will go a long way. Remind yourself that everyone has feelings and yours matter just as much as everyone else’s.


You need to stop trying so hard to impress other people. Sure, you are charming and kind but you don’t have to pretend to have the perfect life. A little authenticity will go a long way.


You need to stop jumping ship every time things get serious. Just because you feel something doesn’t mean it is a bad thing. Allow yourself to get comfortable and see where things go.


You need to stop being so obsessed with planning. Sometimes the unexpected happens and there is nothing you can do about it. The more you let loose the better.


You need to stop being so closed off. The more you open up the better your relationships will be. No one wants a partner they cannot talk to. Speak your mind.


You need to quit with the too high expectations. Your partner is not a fictional character, he or she cannot do the things you want him or her to do. Be a little more realistic sometimes.

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