People who like being alone are not always as sad or unhappy in general as you might think. A lot of those who opt to live their lives as loners are stronger and more ‘together’ than you could ever imagine. 

Just because they are on their own doesn’t mean that they are constantly feeling lonely. Even I enjoy my own company and love spending time sitting by myself with my own thoughts. Loners still have friends, they just don’t want to be surrounded by people, especially people that don’t matter that much to them anyway. 

Below I am going to go over some of the things I’ve noticed throughout the years between those who are what most call ‘loners.’ Just because they might not be the same as everyone else doesn’t mean their lives aren’t as fulfilling. We are all our own people and everyone is different, understanding that is the key to everything.

9 Things People Who Like Being Alone Share:

1. They are much more understanding of others in general. 

People who spend a lot of time on their own think a lot more about other people than you’d assume. They are more understanding of problems and hardships than most and are easy to relate to. They usually do all they can for those who are in need.

2. They realize just how important their time truly is.

These people are very willing to spend their time properly. They don’t waste it talking about things that don’t matter or with people who don’t care about them. They will not show up late or make you wait on their accord.

3. They tend to care deeply for the few people they keep close.

While it might not seem like they have many friends, they do keep the few they have close. They care about these people tremendously and are always there for them. Everyone in their circle is important and they know it.

4. They understand who they are.

People who tend to stay on their own know themselves better than they know anyone else. They know who they are and what they want in life. They do not allow others to make their decisions for them.

5. They take care of themselves and know how to do-so well. 

These people take care of themselves and know how to live their lives properly. They hold their own and live the lives that they have always wanted to live. They do not let other people hold them back.

6. They are extremely loyal to those who matter most to them.

Those who matter to the loner know they can count on him or her for anything. They are always there for the people in their lives and vice versa. The more time that they spend together the closer they get to one another.

7. They tend to have a lot of patience.

For some reason, these people are much more patient than those surrounded by others. It’s like they just don’t get stressed as easily. The more you push them the more they try to find a resolution.

8. They love to experience new things yes, even on their own.

Experiencing new things all on their own is fun to them. They like to have fun and explore! It is up to them to keep themselves company, and they like it that way!

9. They chase their own goals above all else.

These loners are capable of achieving things all without others pushing them to. Sure, they need a hand from time to time but overall they are their own best means of motivation. This is something a lot of other people struggle with tremendously.

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