With the anniversary of 9/11 on its way, I am sure many are feeling quite emotional. So many lost their lives on that day and the devastation is something we will never truly be able to move on from.

Sure, Budweiser is known for their creative commercials but sometimes they pull at our heart-strings more-so than we wish they did. While you won’t see many commercials mentioning 9/11, a Budweiser ad from back in 2002 really went above and beyond to honor those who passed away.

The ad shows several Clydesdales running down a dirt road and traveling to the city. They are seen at the end of the ad, stopping where you can see the NYC skyline off into the distance. While it may seem simple, it sends out a message that we should all never forget the things that have happened and that meaning 9/11 should not be something we leave behind us. It only aired one time at the super bowl that year and has since lived online.

The events of 9/11/2001 resulted in the deaths of almost three thousand people. These people were from ages 2 to 85 and most were men. These people should not have lost their lives like this and we should never allow their memory to fade.

From the moment that plane struck it was a mere 15 minutes or less before the south tower collapsed. Not only did the twin towers topple to the ground crushing any and everyone within a plane also hit the Pentagon.

Just thinking about these events now gives me chills and brings tears to my eyes. Whether you think it was some kind of inside job or actually a terrorist attack that does not change the fact that so many people were killed and unable to return homes to their families.

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