While most people think that we only have one soulmate, that is not necessarily true. We have lots of different kinds of soulmates and each one serves its own purpose.

‘Soulmate’ is not just a term used to describe our ‘one true love’ or the person we’re supposed to spend the rest of our lives with. It can be used to describe all of the people we have soul connections with in more ways than you might realize. We have soulmates who are family members, friends, lovers, and even enemies in some cases. They come in many shapes and sizes with a message for us whether that message is easy or hard to grasp.

Below I am going to go over some of the main kinds of soulmates and what each one consists of. Hopefully, this makes things a bit less confusing. Just because someone doesn’t stay in your life for a long time does not mean they were not a soulmate. We all have different needs in our life journeys. When the time comes to part ways it must happen whether we want it to or not.

7 Types of Soulmates We All Meet In Our Lives:

1. Companion Soulmates

These are what you might consider traditional soulmates to be. They are your one true love and the person you are meant to be with in this life. While they might have their faults, they will love you with all that they have to offer.

2. Soul Family Soulmates

These are people who are members of your soul family. They have lived other lives with you. They are your brothers, sisters, mothers, and so forth. These people find us time and time again throughout many lives whether they are manifesting as a biological family or not. If you have ever had someone feel like family that wasn’t technically family, you know exactly what I am talking about.

3. Confidant Soulmates

These are our soul friends. They are the people we confide in and tell all of our secrets to. We need them so that we can learn to move forward. They help in more ways than we want to admit. Soul friends are people who see the good and the bad in us and help us work through the bad.

4. Momentary Soulmates

These are people we only see for a moment but that their presence lasts for a lifetime. They are the strangers we see that we are for some reason drawn to. They get us thinking and really evoke emotion without even trying. They share wisdom with us when we truly need it.

5. Karmic Soulmates

These are sometimes the most painful kinds of soulmates. Depending on how your karma is you might have a positive karmic soulmate or a negative one. They are here to teach us a lesson that we should have already learned, one way or another.

6. Teacher Soulmates

Teacher soulmates are a bit confusing. They are not in our lives for long, but they leave a huge impact. They pick us up from our lowest points and bring us back to the top. They get us on our path and then as quick as they appeared, they disappear.

7. Passionate Soulmates

These are the lovers we care so deeply for but can never truly be with. These are all of the relationships that just won’t work despite the clear connection. Most of the issues surrounding these kinds of soulmates is timing. You are perhaps just one or two lifetimes away from truly being together.

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